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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

What's the matter with Toronto?

Pardon my insensitivity, but since when is it the responsibility of the taxpayers of Ontario to replace groceries lost during power outages? The Liberal government of Ontario has just announced that it will distribute $450 000 worth of grocery store gift cards to residents outside the GTA to "replace food that spoiled when power went out after the pre-Christmas storm". This is on top of the botched handout of $843 000 worth of cards already handed out to residents of Toronto.

To recap, the provincial government of Ontario has just spent almost $1.3 million to hand out groceries to people who lost power during an ice storm. Some random thoughts:

  • If it's the middle of winter and you lose power, presumably your home would be approximately the temperature of a refrigerator. Not to make light of the problems endured by the people who lived in the affected area, but is lack of refrigeration a huge problem in December? Can't people figure out how to keep food from spoiling in the middle of winter? 
  • Shit happens during natural disasters - that's why people buy insurance. If you lost a bunch of expensive food, make an insurance claim. If you don't have insurance, use the money you saved on premiums to buy your own damned groceries. I didn't expect the government to replace my water pipes when they froze during a cold snap a few years ago - I fixed them myself and had insurance for repairs that were beyond my immediate means. It was a power outage, for heaven's sake - not Hurricane Katrina.
  • I find it reprehensible that Premier Kathleen Wynne used the ice storm as an excuse to grab a little publicity for herself. She and her entourage arrived in the "devastated" area, TV cameras in tow, handing out baskets of food like Good King Wenceslas to carefully pre-screened Liberal-supporting households so that she could be seen acting like a leader on the six o'clock news. Disgraceful.
  • You'd think that the opposition Conservatives would be up in arms about the waste of money in this grocery-card fiasco, but no; they're lining up at the trough with the NDP and the Liberals. PC MPP Lisa McLeod complained that people outside of Toronto didn't have access to "free" groceries: "The political way that this has been handled by Premier Wynne and her cabinet has prevented people from equal access to a program that she initiated", she said. Tory MPP Michael Harris also complained that people in his riding of Kitchener-Conestoga West weren't getting free stuff like everyone in Toronto:  "My office has been bombarded with phone calls recently in terms of how to access this program and they've been getting the runaround. They're questioning really why this program was only available in Toronto and not in their communities when they too went without power for a significant amount of time." Ugh.
  • What's the matter with Toronto? Why aren't people there able to cope with an ice storm without screaming at the Mayor to declare a state of emergency, debating whether or not to call in the army, standing around in front of TV cameras wringing their hands about the slow pace of the cleanup in their suburban neighbourhoods and generally waiting for "the Government" to do something while complaining constantly? In 1998 much of Eastern Ontario was crippled by an epic ice storm which took out electricity for days - people in tiny inaccessible communities pulled together and helped clear each other's laneways, took each other in and generally coped until power was restored. It's what people used to be able to do without being told. And by the way, nobody begged the government for free groceries.
The Toronto ice storm has brought out the worst in people - venal politicians who viewed the event as an opportunity for self-aggrandizing photo ops while throwing around taxpayer's money willy nilly, and helpless dependent citizens who couldn't figure out what to do without a massive bureaucratic swat team to lead them. God help us if a truly serious natural disaster occurs.


Onefineguy said...

Why can't the Government compensate stricken Ontarians who couldn't go out to buy last-minute Christmas gifts ?

I would think that three to four hundred dollars per family should do it.

Anonymous said...

How about people who spent hundreds of dollars in gas or propane to keep their houses warm, groceries safe etc? They don't really expect compensation but they should be just as qualified for compensation.

Wynn is just trying to buy Toronto votes so she can stay in power. And unfortunately the idiots there will likely fall for it.

Old Lady from rural Ontario

Peter said...

hmmm ice storm...freezer= ice ,put the dang food outside...bring in as needed

Robert Tripp said...

I share the insensitivity, but this WynnGate component is really just another part of the equation, which started out as McGuintyGate. Since they're responsible for our inflated hydro bills in their vote-getting power plant cancellations boondoggle, I guess she figures she can scrape a little more out of the provincial trough for those adversely affected in this current power disruption. Even a dim bulb will show brightly to some people, and suppressing Mayor Ford was part of the same opportunistic strategy.

Anonymous said...

Toronto people have a history of being gutless pansies who can't breathe without somebody assisting them.

It's an ice storm - deal with it.

Anonymous said...

...but you paid for 'mayor' frauds crack and didn't complain ; )

"What a magnificent conservative dynasty we have here in Teraana with the Frauds" - Dear Leaders exact words.

Justin in 2015

Squirm CPC squirm!

Anonymous said...

Justin in 2015 !!!!???

ROTFLMAO! I can't wait to see Mulcair tear that spoiled, pammpered little shit to pieces! It will be a hoot! Little Justy won't last 2 seconds before he goes blubbering home to his drug addled hose bag mommy. This is the real thing you weaselly spineless, little shit. Mulcair won't throw you softballs like your asshole sycophants in the news media do.

Anonymous said...

if I can't afford to keep my food cold because the hydro bills are so high can I get free food?

Anonymous said...

It looks like vote buying for me. Kathleen Wynne knows she's toast in rural Ontario, so its a way to buy off whatever votes she can in Toronto.