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Friday, January 24, 2014

Harper's Knesset heckler becomes leftist celebrity in Canada

A story from the Jerusalem Post  features one of the Arab members of the Israeli parliament (Knesset) who heckled Prime Minister Harper during his speech this week:
MK Ahmed Tibi became an overnight celebrity in Canada this week after he heckled Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his address to the Knesset.
Since heckling Harper on Monday, Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al) has given 15 interviews to Canadian media outlets and has been invited to speak at universities in multiple provinces.
Tibi said he would go to Canada in the spring to lecture and give more interviews.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to Mr. Tibi's heckling on his Facebook page:
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu boasted on his Facebook page that Harper’s heckling was proof of the vibrancy of Israeli democracy.
Netanyahu’s speech before Harper’s at the Knesset was also heckled by Tibi, who shouted that Abu Arar had no electricity and water in his village.
Netanyahu then posted a picture of Abu Arar’s three-story home on his Facebook page with proof that it has both electricity and water. Tibi responded on Netanyahu’s Facebook page that posting the picture was childish and intended to hide Israel’s embarrassment over the state of unrecognized Beduin villages.
I'm sure Mr. Tibi will be greeted with open arms at Canadian universities, which are after all celebrated bastions of free speech. Recall that PM Netanyahu was prevented from speaking at Montreal's Concordia University in 2002 when an antisemitic mob rioted at the campus venue where he was to speak, assaulted some members of the audience and vandalized the building.


Anonymous said...

It seems many on the left simply divide people between the oppressor and oppressed and thus side with whomever they see as oppressed, when in reality its not quite that simple. To be fair though the Liberal Party (not so much the NDP) has some who are just as pro-Israel as Harper. If Harper wants to reach out to any Muslim country, I would suggest Turkey as they are democratic and at least secular for now (although Erdogan is unfortunately moving the country away from that).

Onefineguy said...

What glory days as 'honest broker' ?

"Having managed to anger the Palestinians somewhat more than the Israelis, Mr. Chrétien is accused by a Syrian cabinet minister and a Lebanese newspaper of — of all things — abandoning Canada’s “honest broker” tradition."