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Friday, January 24, 2014

Deep thoughts from Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau was interviewed by Calgary Metro News recently, and produced this answer when asked how he would deal with requests from municipalities for help in public transit funding:
Remove a lot of the politics from it. … There’s a lot of politicking around perception and short-term advantage but not necessarily a larger plan of what’s actually going to serve, not just in the short-term in terms of construction jobs, but in the long-term in terms of what a growing city is going to need. So, very much an approach that looks at facts, data, best practices, and a real vision for the next decades rather than just the next electoral cycle.
Good grief - Wilfrid Laurier must be spinning in his grave. I can't wait for Trudeau to go mano a mano with Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair in the leadership debates in 2015 - it's going to be a train wreck.


dance...dancetotheradio said...

He doesn't answer the question.
He never answers any question.

Anonymous said...

Even though I didn't like father's policies, at least his father had a brain unlike him. That being said never underestimate the number of people who vote based on charisma. Justin Bieber has zero musical talent, yet millions of people listen to his stuff.

Anonymous said...

We'll see the same garbage here during the Electoral debates as that Crowley pig did for her Lord and Master obama- some idiot journoloser leftist nutjob will insert him or herself into the debate and defend Trudeau.

Earl Jones said...

What did he say??????

Anonymous said...

The man boy is a blathering idiot! If Justy gets a question that he doesn't have a carefully rehearesed answer for he gets that blank, hollow, empty look in his eyes and thats when the incoherent blathering begins. The media's candidate is a dangerously inept dope with an infamous name and an empty head.

Robert Tripp said...

It will be the "men against the boy", but I think the clean-shaven man will fare far better than the Grizzly porn star. The Left is stacked with incompetence and utopian dry dreams. PM Stephen Harper now has the record and a reputation of resilience and honour domestically and abroad. I too look forward to the pre-election clashes with the unarmed Boy Blunder.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned. People are pretty shallow in their thinking. Too many do not see the disaster that is Justin.

Anonymous said...

"He doesn't answer the question.
He never answers any question."

You must be talking about dear leader?

Anonymous said...

I almost never in support of any left wing ideas. I never vote for left of centre candidates.

Although I don't like Mulcair and won't vote for his party I will be quite amused at watching him tear Trudeau to pieces.

It's Mulcair's election to lose really. Hate him if you will but he *is* the opposition leader. The news media fawns over Justy so much they seem to forget that.

If Mulcair returns the party to 3rd party status he will be replaced as party leader.

He has no choice but to attack Turdo. Attacking Harper doesn't do him any good. Any potential supporters he may get won't vote for Harper anyway. The only potential he has for vote increase is shaving off from the Bloc or (more likely) the Libs.

Any fanatsy of forming a coalition with Turds would mean Turds would inevitably become the "de-facto" P.M. - NOT MULCAIR.

Kick Turdo's ass and he keeps his gains. Leave Turds alone and it's back to third party anonymity.