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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Tell the Globe and Mail what you think about Rob Ford

The Globe and Mail has a poll on its website asking the question "Should Ontario intervene in the crisis at Toronto city hall?"

Go here to vote.


Alain said...

I just voted that it is none of the province's business which is ahead at present. Too bad they don't run a poll on the Ontarian Liberal government where real, documented scandal actually exist.

Anonymous said...

Run a poll and ask if you think the people who donated to Gawker are a pack of gullible fools.
That is a better scam than the Nigerian bankers swindles.

"Send me a bunch of money and I'll buy a video from some drug dealers"

Nice work if you can get it....


Pissedoff said...

Yes voted for Wynngenut to stay out of it. Then again what legal option has she got?

Stan I agree gullible fools, but all lefties no doubt so deserve to lose their government welfare anyway.