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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

French anti gay marriage protesters have issues

I'm a little surprised by the vehemence of the protests in France that have erupted after the government recently legalized gay marriage. Isn't this the country whose citizens often snootily point out the superiority of their Gallic culture, what with their 35 hour work week, their long summer vacations, the wine, the foie gras and baguettes? Isn't this the country that just elected a socialist government despite warnings that the country was teetering on the brink of economic collapse because they just couldn't accept those Anglo-Saxon limits to their famous joie de vivre? It seems to me that the French, of all people, would be totally cool with gay marriage - it's so cosmopolitan, after all.

So it turns out that some French people aren't cool with it, and they took to the streets to express their displeasure in the tens of thousands. OK, France is a democracy - people are entitled to peaceable assembly. But in France? Protests against gay marriage seem so ... American.

In typical French contrarian fashion, the young men of Lyon fight the power by removing their shirts and donning Phantom of the Opera masks. Really? You want to protest gay marriage by stripping half naked and marching through the streets like you're in a pride parade? That's so ... gay. Vive la difference.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, do you think it could be these people are perhaps a bit sick of progressive politicians ramming their social engineering policies down the throats of the electorate?

Now, I'm certain there will be those who bray about the "polls" who show how "most of the French support gay marraige".

It really is amazing how when the news media elitists want something then somehow, miraculously the polls magically agree.

Alain said...

In spite of everything the French are more traditionalist than many others, and they understand that this is not about "rights" but an attack on the traditional family. Even the gay elite in France told the president that they are not in favour of "gay marriage", and yet he is hell bent on imposing this.

Agent Smith said...

Good for the protesters.

Barnsworth said...

If you are a true conservative, other people's harmless business is not your business. Why should who someone loves, beds, lives with matter to you? How does bi/gay affect your life? Will it make your kids bi/gay? Nobody forces anybody into that lifestyle choice. And, maybe if you have bi/gay family members, they'll have the opportunity to be happy. Is it social engineering to leave people alone?