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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two can play this game - let's boycott native businesses

So, native activists are threatening to shut down major rail lines and busy highways in Canada if their vague and confusing demands aren't met. It's time, then, that non-native Canadians stop spending money at native-run businesses.
First Nations leaders and Idle No More activists have promised only peaceful protests on their national day of action Wednesday, but once the snow melts and warmer weather sets in, key highways — including the main road to Alberta’s Fort McMurray, a major oil production hub — could be blocked for days, weeks or even months, prompting what one chief called “chaos.”
OK - let's get serious about this. Canadians who are fed up should stop patronizing native-run businesses. Stop buying cigarettes and cheap gas from businesses in Akwesasne when you cross the US border at Cornwall, Ontario. Stop spending money at Casino Rama in Orillia. Down in my neck of the woods, where natives routinely blockade Hwy 401 and the main CN Rail line from Montreal to Toronto where it crosses the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, we can start by boycotting the many native businesses associated with the reserve. Here's a list for those of you who live in the Belleville/Napanee area.

Natives can't have it both ways - they can't claim to be a quasi-sovereign nation within a nation, above the law and  holding the rest of the country to ransom at regular intervals, while still expecting the hostages to cheerfully patronize their businesses. Let's call their bluff.


dmorris said...

This is an excellent idea. Fight fire with fire!

Indian activists have to wake up and realise there IS an end to Canadians' sympathy for them,and that they are very quickly going to become "the enemy" if they shut down essential roadways.

I hope the PM has consulted with the military,as our Army and JTF2 have had special training in civil emergencies for the last 30 years. It's getting to be time for them to use that training.

And I don't mean a Chinese-style slaughter of blockading Indians, just arrest and removal by Forces that have the ability to do that.

It's time to inject some reality into the Indian activist's world,and let them know there can be real consequences for their acts of terrorism.

Cytotoxic said...

I'm dissapointed the author would take a senseless collectivist approach that doesn't punish wrongdoers at all.

john said...

Bravo, D.B. You are no the only one to say this BUT(!) You ARE the only one I've seen to provide a list of businesses. Good work!

OH! By the way, Cytotoxic? Umm, how come you're such a fuckin idiot?
No! Really! Y'know, no offence or anything, jus' askin'

Anonymous said...

They'll just get more money from the govt to prop up lost revenues.

Harry98 said...

How about having the police do their job and arrest these clowns with the funny looking costumes. It is time to put a stop to this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

"Stop buying cigarettes and cheap gas from businesses in Akwesasne"

Are you seriously telling Jimmy and Johnny Canuck to spend more on gas and smokes? PUT DOWN YER DOUBLE DOUBLE BUDDY THEMS FIGHTING WORDS.

You'd be better off trying to prohibit the use of cannabis idiot!

Cytotoxic said...

Sorry John, did I exceed your syllable count? Were you in the middle of beating your wife when I interrupted you with intelligent thought?