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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life in the Ivory Tower: "U of T is holding an orgy, and you're invited!"

I'm glad to know that it's not all book learnin' down there at the University of Toronto; parents can rest assured that they sent their kids off to the big city not just to get an expensive world-class education but some hands on practical experience too. 

The university's Sexual Education Centre is kicking off  "Sexual Awareness Week" next Monday with a good old-fashioned orgy :
“U of T is holding an orgy, and you’re invited! You just need your student ID” one Reddit user posted in a University of Waterloo forum.
“Our executive director made it very clear that this is not an orgy, we’re not funding an orgy,” says external education and outreach co-ordinator Dylan Tower, 22, as he sits inside the sixth-floor office of SEC. “People are allowed to have sex on premise … there is not any type of ‘You should be having sex when you’re here.’ It’s very much, come and enjoy the space, there’s no prodding or pushing in that direction.”
The event begins in the daytime, and organizers are asking students to keep their clothes on until 7 p.m., when the “party becomes clothing-optional so you can get naked with all your new friends.”
SEC is an affiliated levy group of the University of Toronto Students Union. Undergraduate students pay 25 cents a term for the services, and can opt out if they choose.
The group’s mission is to foster a sex-positive attitude in the greater U of T area, by offering information, programming, safer-sex supplies, and peer counselling in a welcoming environment. Their sexual awareness week includes a discussion on sex positivity, an interactive sex toy demonstration and an afternoon of pornography. The first event is the party at Oasis: the organization rented the club and lowered the price to $5 a person. (Admission for couples is normally $80.)
Tower said it is a safe and cheaper way to introduce curious students to the sex club scene in Toronto. The group plans to provide a “myriad of safer-sex supplies” so “everyone can be as safe as possible” and volunteers will circulate to “make sure everyone is respectful and having the best experience Oasis has to offer,” he posted online, addressing concerns.
Sounds like fun! You'll be interested to know that the club consists of  "four stories of easy-to-clean surfaces, with sanitizing wipes, baskets of condoms, and lots of places to mingle, including the back of a hippie van and a heated pool."

In the old days when I was in school, we had to make do with bars and cheap draught beer. Kids these days   have no idea how we suffered.


Onefineguy said...

Will they be serving amuse-bouches ?

Anonymous said...

You know, only a few years ago I would have called you a liar reading this. My god, society is screwed. (Pun definitely intended)

Anonymous said...

Clearly they all know where their genitals are located; but can they find the Atlantic Ocean on a map?

Anonymous said...

What if they held an orgy, and nobody came?

Barnsworth said...

Did I miss this when I was at U. in the 70s? Damn. Then again, I don't think sex had been invented yet, let alone the options available!