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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Justin Trudeau's kiss of death

I'm starting a new meme - the "Justin Trudeau effect". It refers to the disastrous effect that a visit or endorsement from Justin Trudeau has on a Liberal candidate's election prospects. The latest victim: Calgary Centre Liberal candidate Harvey Locke, whose campaign received a visit from Young Justin last week. Trudeau's visit helped Locke snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the hands of Conservative Joan Crockatt in yesterday's federal byelection.

If I were a Liberal running for office, I'd think twice before asking for Young Justin's help. In 2006, he endorsed Gerard Kennedy at the Liberal leadership convention. Kennedy lost to Stephane Dion.

Trudeau travelled to Halifax in 2009 to campaign for provincial Liberal leader Stephen McNeil who was running for the premiership of Nova Scotia. McNeil lost to the NDP's Darrell Dexter.

In 2010, Trudeau breezed in to Toronto for a double whammy, campaigning for Liberal Tony Genco who was running in Vaughan in the federal election, and for George Smitherman who was running for Mayor of Toronto.  Genco lost to Conservative Julian Fantino and Smitherman went down to defeat at the hands of Rob Ford.

Trudeau is an empty shell whose much-lauded magic touch with the electorate has a record of fizzling when it really counts. Now that he's running for the leadership of the federal Liberals, he has once again trotted out his alleged charisma for the faithful, promising to lead them out of the wilderness into the Promised Land. Good luck with that.

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