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Monday, August 06, 2012

Narrative fail: Tennessee Democrats nominate gay-hating conspiracy theorist to Senate race

Everyone knows that it's the gun-totin', Bible-thumpin', queer-hatin', Chick-fil-A eatin' GOP that is the party of choice for America's crazy bigots, right? Guess what - Tennessee Democrats have just nominated Mark Dayton as their candidate to take on Republican incumbent Senator Bob Corker in November's election. Mr. Dayton has, shall we say, a somewhat unsavory past:
Mark Clayton believes the federal government is building a massive, four-football-field wide superhighway from Mexico City to Toronto as part of a secret plot to establish a new North American Union that will bring an end to America as we know it. On Thursday, he became the Tennessee Democrats' nominee for US Senate.
Clayton, an anti-gay-marriage activist and flooring installer with a penchant for fringe conspiracy theories, finished on top of a crowded primary field in the race to take on GOP Sen. Bob Corker this fall. He earned 26 percent of the vote despite raising no money and listing the wrong opponent on his campaign website. The site still reads, "DEDICATED TO THE DEFEAT OF NEO-CONSERVATIVE LAMAR ALEXANDER," whom Clayton tried to challenge in 2008. (That year, he didn't earn the Democratic nomination.)
On his issues page, Clayton sounds more like a member of the John Birch Society than a rank-and-file Democrat. He says he's against national ID cards, the North American Union, and the "NAFTA superhighway," a nonexistent proposal that's become a rallying cry in the far-right fever swamps. Elsewhere, he warns of an encroaching "godless new world order" and suggests that Americans who speak out against government policies could some day be placed in "a bone-crushing prison camp similar to the one Alexander Solzhenitsyn was sent or to one of FEMA's prison camps." (There are no FEMA prison camps.)
In April 2008, Clayton issued a press release accusing Google of censoring his campaign website on behalf the Chinese government.
Clayton has another intriguing theory. This one involves a former governor of California: "Schwarzenegger, born in Austria, wants to amend the Constitution so that he can become president and fulfill Hitler's superman scenario." 
The closest thing Clayton has to political experience is his work as vice president of a Virginia-based organization called Public Advocate of the United States. The group's mission, per its website, is to restore the country to its conservative Christian roots. Public Advocate supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, opposes abortion rights, and believes the Boy Scouts are under assault from the gay agenda. The group refers to mayors Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Tom Menino of Boston as "pro-homosexual socialist dictators" for stating their opposition to the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A. (It also issued a statement condemning the "gay muppets.")
The Democratic Party is backpedalling furiously, blaming his nomination on the fact that his name appeared first on the ballot, which doesn't say much for the intelligence of the typical Tennessee Democrat.

Oh my - how's Jon Stewart going to include this in his monologue?

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Anonymous said...

Having worked at numerous elections, as a poll clerk, scrutineer, or other positions I have helped count ballots at prov, federal, and municipal elections and it is a fact, the most votes go to 1st, 3rd (or middle ) and last name on the ballot. That is why the names are moved around on ballots from different ridings. I understand the democrats will not help in any way in this guys campaign.
Mary T.