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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chris Christie shows how its done

I can't recall watching a political speech as stirring as Chris Christie's keynote address to the GOP convention on Tuesday night. He was funny and self-deprecating, but then built to an emotional crescendo that called the troops to arms and laid out the gravity of the task ahead in a stentorian voice like Cato the Elder telling the Roman Senate that "Carthage must be destroyed".  It was awesome. Watch the whole 25 minutes - it's a master class in political oratory.

UPDATE:  Best comment on Christie's speech so far, from Jesse Walker at Reason : "I'd rather be yelled at by a fat guy from Jersey than smothered with a pillow full of inspirational rhetoric."

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Cytotoxic said...

Christie is overrated. He's pro--business but not pro-capitalism. Uses special tax breaks and doesn't care for the 2nd Amen. He's actually increased spending in his time as governor. Best NJ could hope for.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated his speech, but I thought he took far too long to get to the point and talked too much about himself. The ending was great especially the whole part about the great generation and our challenge to rise to the occasion.

Also besides the union bashing which was fine, I thought he was too vague about what we are for. A great chance to educate millions lost.

Very entertaining guy.