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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sexual orientation not an issue in US election

From an article by Joshua Miller at Roll Call - gay candidates in US congressional elections are finding that their sexual orientation is not important to voters:
A gay candidate for Congress walks into a bar. No joke: Nothing happens.
A record number of openly gay candidates are running for Congress this cycle, and the reaction, among a huge swath of voters, has been a collective yawn. “It’s really becoming a nonissue,” Democratic consultant Steve Elmendorf explained. “If you look at a lot of these districts where people are running, the fact that they are gay is not really that important to the campaign.”
All across the country, serious contenders for Congress who are openly gay — Democratic and Republican — said their sexual identity plays almost no role in their election efforts.
I think this mirrors the situation in Canada - voters are more concerned with economic and law & order issues. Candidates who flog social conservative issues in election campaigns are largely met with indifference.

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onefineguy said...

Mitt Romney's sons should just come out, as they already have in our dreams.