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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gay anarchists will "Occupy" SF Pride Parade

Is Occupy Wall Street still a thing? I thought all the Occupiers had long ago returned to their parents' basements, but apparently there are still some Bitter Enders out in California keeping the Bong of Freedom lit. In this case the movement has splintered into subgroups so that one now needs a program to keep them, ahem, straight . A gaggle of gay anarchists which goes by the name OccuPride is planning to target Oakland mayor Jean Quan when she marches in San Francisco's Pride Parade this weekend:
During the Pride Parade Sunday, June 24 Quan is expected to come face-to-face with Occupy members along the route up Market Street. A coalition of radical and progressive queer groups has come together to plan a number of demonstrations throughout San Francisco's Pride weekend.
Under the umbrella moniker of Bay Area OccuPride, the group is planning a series of direct actions targeted at corporate sponsors of the Pride Parade and a number of elected officials who have parade contingents.
In a phone interview this week, organizer Craig Rouskey would not confirm that Quan was among its targeted Pride participants. The gay San Francisco resident would only say, "We have a list of targets." Rouskey, 34, added that a stoppage of the parade is also likely, but would last no longer than 10 minutes. "We are not doing sit-ins or die-ins. We are planning cool, direct actions aimed at community building and fun," said Rouskey. "I hope everyone enjoys it and thinks it is really cool. We are doing this for our folks. We love our community."
During the interview, and also on the website he launched Saturday, June 16 to promote the Occupy Pride events, Rouskey stressed that the group's actions are not an attack on the Pride Committee or the parade itself. Nor do the organizers want to shut down the parade. The aim is to highlight how companies use sponsorship of Pride to "pink wash" their corporate policies that line the pockets of their investors, said Rouskey.
"This is actually a queer community network of groups that have come together to work on this collectively to confront economic oppression evident through the Pride parade and pink washing," he said. "We want to do it in a way that is supportive of our community. We don't want to piss off people doing good things in our community."
Economic oppression of the gay community? In San Francisco, the gayest city on Earth? Give me a break. This group is protesting AGAINST corporations that support gays and lesbians because they oppress gays and lesbians by virtue of being corporations? That's twisted even by Occupy Wall Street standards.


Patsplace said...

Marxist logic m'man, Marxist logic. Remember, they kill their own people for the "Good of the State" Don'cha'no!!iortim

newcenturion said...

The public attention and pandering given to these people (LGBT) is galactically disproportionate to their actual numbers.