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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Send in the clowns

The whole country is shocked and repulsed by the details emerging from the case of Luka Rocco Magnotta, the erstwhile porn star and former friend of Karla Homolka who is wanted for a violent murder in Montreal. Everyone except New Brunswick NDP MP Yvon Godin, who apparently thinks Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are to blame.

The details of the case are sickening - read them here if you have the stomach for it - but suffice it to say that Magnotta apparently brutally tortured and killed a man, sexually assaulted the body and dismembered the corpse all while videotaping the entire episode. He then mailed the victim's foot to Conservative headquarters in Ottawa and one of the hands to the Liberal Party.

Most reasonable people would conclude that Magnotta is a depraved lunatic whose violent crimes are inexcusable by any conceivable standards. Most people except Mr. Godin, who had this to say to an American reporter:
"It's very upsetting," Opposition New Democrat member Yvon Godin said. "It could be just one crazy person that did it, but at the same time we have lots of people unhappy in our country, the way the country is going."
What the hell? Is he seriously blaming the Conservative government for this? Magnotta might have been "unhappy with the way the country is going" so he killed a man and sent his foot to the party's head office? You know, I was pretty unhappy with the way the country was going when Paul Martin was Prime Minister, and I managed to resist the temptation to videotape myself killing and dismembering someone and then sending body parts to Ottawa.

Yvon Godin is an idiot and an embarrassment to the country. If he doesn't stand up in the House of Commons and personally apologize for this outrageous remark, he should be turfed from the NDP caucus and publicly ridiculed for the remainder of his hopefully short political career.


Anonymous said...

After that remark a lot of us are wondering why nothing has been mailed to ndp headquarters. Is the lunatic an ndp supporter.
Mary T

Sean M said...

You are right... Godin is an idiot! Godin is a french language radical, activist and a bigot. With this comment Godin can also add lunatic to his list of radical, hysterical hyperbole.

Jen said...

Ah! if this was a conservative to say whsat Godin did 'lo and behold' the entire nation and even the pope wil hear of it 24/7.

Jen said...

A nice and pleasant article:Unfortunately no video of the event nor did we hear it in the news.

Matt Gurney: Harper’s principled support of Israel continues paying off

Matt Gurney May 30, 2012 – 11:26 AM ET

Then Huckabee said (I am quoting from memory, so this is approximate), “In 40 years of visiting Israel, I have never seen the people there in such a state of anxiety [over Iran's nuclear program]. And as an American politician, what astonished me was that for the first time, the Israelis I spoke to considered the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, a much better friend and ally to them than the American president.”

Jen said...

DB, I sent you the article by Matt Gurney.

Had to send another piece of the article

'The applause was loud and sustained. Many rose to their feet. Huckabee was forced to pause before continuing until the crowd quieted. An audience that was split down the middle on president Obama was throatily enthusiastic about Stephen Harper. In years of closely following Canadian politics, I have never seen a Conservative politician receive such a tremendous outpouring of support in downtown Toronto … and from people who actually live there, to boot.'

DB, it is sad that foreigners know more of and about our PM Harper than most Canadians ever will.

Eric said...

Jen: thanks for the link. I don't think Harper will get much credit at home from anyone in the CBC/Globe and Mail demographic, but grass roots people know what's going on. I think Harper's diplomacy will pay off for Canada, especially if there's a Republican in the White House next January.

Jen said...

Eric, I am a bit disappointed that the SNN didn't mention this story far less show the event to the public yet they seem to talk alot about Obama whereas complete silence when the PM does something extrodinary.

I know Obama is in a campaign mode but my gosh we have our own PM to discuss about.

Canadians need to hear 'good news' this nonsense of contant bad news or constant negative news is not good for one's human soul. No wonder they search the net the blogs or even listen to foreign medias discuss to positive situation Canada is in.