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Monday, February 27, 2012

Something doesn't make sense in the robocall "scandal"

There's something fishy about the voter fraud "scandal" that bothers me. The Toronto Star reported today that former employees of a Thunder Bay call centre have come forward claiming that they were hired to call voters in several ridings and deliberately misdirect them to non-existent polling stations. Here's part of the Star's story:
One former RMG employee, a woman aged 24, said she thought at the time that the incorrect polling station addresses coming up on her screen were simply a “computer glitch,” so she started advising people they should check with Elections Canada to be sure.

“We’re not going to give them the wrong information on purpose,” she said.

She remembered the polling station script specifically instructed the callers to identify themselves as calling “on behalf of” the Conservative Party, “but not every call centre agent said it.”

Calls were auto-dialled by computer. Once an individual got on the line, the live agents started to read from prepared scripts. Depending on the answers, they moved on to another part of the script.

As each call ended, the computer auto-dialled the next number. The calls went to ridings across Canada; two employees said most calls went to Ontario ridings.
This is the part that doesn't make any sense: "She remembered the polling station script specifically instructed the callers to identify themselves as calling “on behalf of” the Conservative Party". If the Conservative Party of Canada was involved in a complicated scheme to fraudulently suppress the vote in an attempt to influence the outcome of the election, knowing full well that such a move was illegal and likely to blow up into a full blown scandal if discovered, why would Conservative agents instruct the callers to "identify themselves as calling on behalf of the Conservative Party?" If Harper is the evil genius that everyone says he is, why would he deliberately leave a trail leading directly back to the party?

Doesn't it make more sense that someone hostile to the CPC and intent on causing mischief in the election which could be later linked to the Conservatives would instruct the call centre to identify themselves as acting on behalf of the CPC?

Something smells about this whole story.


Pissedoff said...

I find it strange that people are coming forward, but won't give their names even though they say they called the RCMP.

hunter said...

I agree, it stinks to high heaven. Don't count on the Liberal media to look into it though. They are too busy right now manufacturing a "scandal", and hiding the Liberal puffin who was responsible for the Vikileaks.

Anonymous said...

You are telling me it doesn't make sense. Call a supposed Liberal supporter, identify yourself as a Conservative and then tell them their voting station has moved across town. What a great plan. to the radio said...

Something else about the robocall thing that doesn't add up is how often the Liberals mentioned 'vote suppression' in the final days of the election campaign.

Why were they doing that then?

Anonymous said...

Something doesn't make sense?? Nothing makes sense about this there are so many holes in this swiss cheese story, I don't even know where to start or finish. This will be the left's biggest non-event scandal ever I think with people like Bob Rae and Pat Martin shooting their mouths off without any evidence. Martin is already facing two law suits - looks good on him.
The lefties just can't figure out why they lose more votes election after election to the conservatives, yet they keep pulling this crap over and over again.

Anne in swON said...

Add to that this statement: "the polling station script specifically instructed the callers to identify themselves as calling “on behalf of” the Conservative Party, “but not every call centre agent said it.” Why on earth would that simple phrase be glossed over?

If these 'robo-calls' were placed to ridings across Canada how would a caller in Thunder Bay possibly know whether polling addresses from these various ridings were incorrect?

Anonymous said...

The National Post and The Toronto Star claim that a call centre in Thunder Bay had callers giving out incorrect information to CONSERVATIVE VOTERS. Supposedly, these callers were hired by the CONSERVATIVE PARTY. Now, why would the Conservative Party benefit by calling their own voters and giving them inaccurate information ?And why would the Toronto Star say the woman changed the message and said it was from election canada which they wern't supposed to do(her words)
I bet PM Harpers investigation team will be showing up at this call centre in Thunder Bay.

Thucydides said...

If the call center was giving out incorrect poll station information to Conservative voters as well, then the answer is actually simple; the database was corrupted.

How it was corrupted and by whom is the real story then...

Cool Blue said...

IMO, there was probably some dirty stuff with that CP staffer that got fired, however the rest of these calls are more easily explained by call center workers making mistakes.

During an election millions of calls are made and there's bound to be many mistakes with those numbers.

Anonymous said...

Even Elizabeth May is in on the action. She was on the news last night complaining about people in her riding getting calls. Elizabeth you'd better be careful no one looks into what went on in your riding! I live in it and some things went down! Anyway I would say this was a lipdipper plot. It will come out eventually that that's what it was.

Gerald said...

If EC and the RCMP can't prove that the CPC had done anything wrong(which I don't think they did),then there will be people that'll still think that the CPC suppressed the election.But,if there's clear evidence that the CPC didn't suppress the election,and maybe even prove there was a conspiracy against the CPC,then the CPC will be in power with a lot more seats for a long long time,and the Libs will be fini for sure,and the NDP will be back to 20 or so seats.