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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pierre Trudeau: "a run-of-the-mill social democrat"

Don't miss Conrad Black's comments on the late great Pierre Trudeau in today's National Post. An excerpt:
Nor is there truth to the theory that Trudeau possessed any original political ideas. He was a run-of-the-mill 1960s social democrat who wanted big government, the nanny-, know-it-all-state, high taxes, and the confiscation of income from those who had earned it for redistribution to those who had not in exchange for their votes (far beyond what could be justified by the acquisition of votes for federalism in Quebec, where the money transfer was also largely from the non-French to the French).

It was hard to square Trudeau’s professed enthusiasm for civil rights with his friendship with Fidel Castro and other dictators who ruined their countries, such as Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, and his cold-shouldering of Soviet dissidents and other international civil rights advocates, and even the Canadian victims of the Korean airliner the Russians shot down. This was of a piece with his fawning deference to the Soviet leadership and his antagonism to Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and even Richard Nixon, who all regarded him as little better than a communist fellow traveller (and told me so).

His campaign to reorient the Canadian economy away from exports to the United States was authoritarian rather than based on any fiscal incentivization of competition, and was a fiasco. His pursuit of arms control was chimerical; he disarmed Canada, did nothing to reduce the country’s military dependence on Washington, and produced a nonsensical plan for more conferences to agree on the unverifiable “suffocation” of defence spending.


Joseph said...

A much as Black is spot on about the old turd, he tends to be a bit of a boor when he wants to demonstrate his command of the some point in his diatribe I just want to say "good god man just get to the point".
He does make his point that the man was just another socialist, but where I disagree is how he claims trudeau confronted the separatists.
The old turd only talked tough, he did what all quebec politician's did, he bought quebec's loyalty with money from the roc particularly the west through the NEP.
He didn't want to end the old game of colonialism, he just wanted to supplant the olds masters with a regime of his choosing.
Those days, with the election of a conservative majority govenment lead by a PM from the west, are now gone.
Once the act is passed that increases the seat count, and the other act that allows provinces to elect senators, the quebec tail will never be able to wag the federal dog again.
The separatists/fair weather-federalists have finally been outed, they no longer have the ability to hold the federation ransom to idle threats of separation, which have never been more than a shake down for more funding to pay for quebec social spending.
I hope the old turd is spinning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Pierre Trudeau destroyed Canada and turned it into a Welfare sate for the world. Trudeau’s idea of equality and human rights only gave reinforcement to the lazy bums and scum form the east to think that they deserve entitlements. Eg: French, Aboriginals, Ontario and the other have not eastern provinces.

Trudeau’s idea of human rights and equality with the stupid charter of rights only created sub-groups of Canadians that have been granted special status who deserve special treatment. Eg: ethnic groups that are supposedly underprivileged and can’t be politically offended.

The charter of so called rights and freedoms has created a barrier for the police giving criminals more rights than victims and hindering the police form doing their job because they can’t offend the rights of a criminal.

Thanks Mr. Trudeau for screwing Canada.

Sean M said...

Great comment Joseph!! IMO, Turdo was a complete fake, a revolutionary dips##t, hell bent on destroying the nations history and traditions in order to estrange and cast adrift the citizenry, so as to manufacture a country (cult) in his own radical, indoctrinated ideology. Say one thing, do another was Turdo's stock in trade. Tell people what they want to hear, using empty slogans, empty rhetoric and pie in the sky illusions. The great Turdo had as his objective two thngs... 1- destroy the British heritage and traditions of Canada, and 2- manufacture a french speaking State. Turdo was an actor and an intellectual pip-squeak who did more to foster the "Separatist" cause then anyone before or since. Without a compliant and deliberately obtuse media, old Turdo would never have been seen for anything other then the shallow, moody, hate filled revolutionary ideologue that he was.

Polardiscoball said...

Gee, really, gosh I kind liked him. He had a nice smile and his son is quite the young dashing whipper snapper what with putting that Peter Kunt in line.

Anonymous said...

I also remember him as incredibly rude and ill-mannered. Pirouetting behind the queen, bad language, giving the finger to demonstrators,lording it over anyone who hadn't read The Republic or knew all the Italian masters of art, he was a very bad example of how a prime minister should act. Chretien later followed him to new lows.