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Friday, December 02, 2011

Women drivers

The reason for Saudi Arabia's law preventing women from driving cars is revealed: according to the Daily Mail, allowing women to drive will cause people to turn gay and will mean "no more virgins" in the kingdom:
Repealing a ban on women drivers in Saudi Arabia would result in ‘no more virgins’, the country’s religious council has warned.
A ‘scientific’ report claims relaxing the ban would also see more Saudis - both men and women - turn to homosexuality and pornography.
The startling conclusions were drawn by Muslim scholars at the Majlis al-Ifta’ al-A’ala, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, working in conjunction with Kamal Subhi, a former professor at the King Fahd University.


The report warns that allowing women to drive would ‘provoke a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce’.
Within ten years of the ban being lifted, the report’s authors claim, there would be ‘no more virgins’ in the Islamic kingdom.
And it pointed out ‘moral decline’ could already be seen in other Muslim countries where women are allowed to drive.
In the report Professor Subhi described sitting in a coffee shop in an unnamed Arab state.
‘All the women were looking at me,’ he wrote. ‘One made a gesture that made it clear she was available... this is what happens when women are allowed to drive.’

You can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

there was a lot of hanky panky in the backseat when i was young.

dmorris said...

I have for many years believed that a woman should be allowed to drive only if she is proceeded down the road by a pilot car.

This has NOT endeared me to women friends,or my wife, who claim I am an asshole.

They,like me, are entitled to their opinion.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that those islamic run Nations under the 7th Century Shariah law will embrace human rights for ALL persons and give-up on the strict oppressive rules handed down by their Misogynistic/Homophobic/pedophile prophet.
Canada is being played for the Sucker-nation to see 1000's of Muslims from those hell-holes flee them to parachute into canada and THEN some will become the Oppressers here and DEMAND a mini-Mosque in the Workplace or have radical/militant/Shariah-law Imam's spew hatred in a Public School mini-mosque on Friday's right here in Toronto.

Even the pro-Hamas muslims from gaza can make a Refugee claim in Canada but then join CUPE marches in Toronto to denouce Israel and yet Hamas murders gays in public.

When the Saudi's let a Female/Jewish/Lesbian like Susan G Cole drive a car in their Country.....THEN I'll believe they really want to shed their quranic and Whahhabi fascist communist practise.

Frances said...

Note to Professor Subhi: you wish.