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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ghana about to arrest homosexuals?

According to this report, the government of the Western Region of the African nation of Ghana is about to arrest all homosexuals in the area:
The Western Region Minister Paul Evans Aidoo has ordered the immediate arrest of all homosexuals in the region.

He has tasked the Bureau of National Investigations and all security agencies to smoke out persons suspected to be engaging in same sex.

He also enlisted the services of landlords and tenants to provide reliable information which will lead to the arrest of homosexuals.

His directive follows months of campaigns against the practice of homosexuality in the country.

Only yesterday, the Christian Council of Ghana capped months of protestations against the practice of homosexuality with a strongly worded message against the practice and courting Ghanaians not to vote for any politician who believes in the rights of homosexuals.
Homosexuality is illegal in Ghana, and the country's Bureau of National Investigations (BNI)is poised to begin rounding up homosexuals to deal with the "social canker":
The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) has begun investigations into the growing rate of homosexuality in the Western and Central regions, Western Regional Minister, Mr. Paul Evans Aidoo has revealed.

According to the minister, there is the need for a thorough investigation into what he terms a "social canker" which has contributed to the growing rate of HIV/AIDS in the country.


Mr Paul Evans Aidoo revealed on Adom FM on Wednesday that, even though homosexuality is illegal, it is still widely practiced secretly which makes it very difficult to arrest the culprits.

He said it is very important for the homosexuals to be identified, especially those infected with STDs to control the spread.

The Western Regional Minister added that the BNI is working closely with the police, Ghana Health Service and the NGO to find a lasting solution to the problem.

Mr. Aidoo stressed the need for more education on the dangers of homosexuality in the country.

I have a suggestion for the gay activists at Queers Against Israeli Apartheid: here's a situation where a government is actually persecuting and arresting homosexuals and encouraging neighbours to "smoke them out". Dust off your protest signs and get to work. The Ghana High Commission in Ottawa is located at 1 Clemow Avenue - I eagerly await your response.


The_Iceman said...

I don't understand why those particular gay rights activists waste their time on "Israeli apartheid". It doesn't make any sense when their time could be much more effectively used defending gay rights in places where homosexuality is considered a crime. Their priorities are f**ked up.

Anonymous said...

I too would like CUPE and Syed Rhyanni to explain why they are obesssed with attacking the only Democratic U.N. Member in the Middle East that actually has a Gay Pride Parade that were NEVER be allowed in any ARAB or Muslim Nation.
Even NOW's Susan Cole should speak-up and condemn those None-Jewish States that oppress gays, or even how Hamas murders gays in Public while PRIDE allows a Pro-hamas group of self-hatred yahoos march in the Parade on Yonge St for 3 year now.
It's abscene how the Public Sector Union workers will cry over Omar Khadr in GITMO prison and many hard-core Islamists there, and yet the truth is that Cuba OWNS the Navy Base and Leases it to the USA under the Platte Amendment in the Post-Spain occupation of that Island.
ERGO....if CUPE,OPSEU,CUPW,TDSBTF and others keep spending OUR tax dollars there via their Vacation in Cuba, it makes them Complicit by-proxy to support a Communist Nation that allows the Alleged "Torture" in Cuba on CUBAN soil ay GITMO Navy Base.
Think I crazy, well we just had a Canadian Charged and Convicted by a Judge because they were Complicit by "Leasing" one of their Houses to Criminals that ran a Drug-OP from it.
The Judge asserted that the Home-Owner should have known about it and thus...failed to check the House, OR...did know and made the choice to stay quiet (As we saw in the Gomery Inquiry where 2 ex-PM's used the SGT.Schultz excuse that they were too stupid be expected to know what went on under them).
But as for the Gay-Rights issue in Toronto under the McGuinty reign,it's a paradoxical-irony since not only can the Pro-hamas group be allowed by McGuinty....BUT,Chris Bentley allows the Naked males in the Prade to expose themselves to little girls in public while a NDP MPP (Cheri DiNovo) staed on a radio show that it's " A Crime" to be arrested for.

Basically, thanks to Trudeau I am no longer shocked at how the Judges and Police choose which Minority Group has the Bar lowered for obeying the laws of the Majority. I just don't understand why Politician get away with tossing our Children to the pervs while not one Newspaper or the CBC will protest the endorsement of quasi-Pedophilia to damage child for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

It is very disturbing. However, you won't here gay/lesbian activists in the West putting much interest in the cause. They, like most activist groups, are more interested in political power and money. Besides, it is too hot to go there..(not that it is any cooler here today...)