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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ban the hammer

The government of Australia should perhaps follow Canada's example and establish a National Hammer Registry after a Supreme Court judge in Brisbane suggested making carrying a hammer a criminal offence:
In the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Justice Ros Atkinson was taking submissions on the second day of a hearing in which eight men are being sentenced for the bashing death of rugby league star Jonathan Thurston's uncle Richard Saunders.

Prosecutor Todd Fuller, SC, and defence lawyers for the four men and four juveniles completed their submissions on sentence today.

Mr Fuller asked for sentences ranging from 10 years, with an automatic serious violent offence classification meaning eight years must be served, to five years detention with an immediate release order after time served.

Justice Atkinson will sentence all eight on Thursday.

During submissions for a juvenile offender, Justice Atkinson noted that while he was not the one to use the hammer in the attack the juvenile had been carrying a hammer before the events of the night.

"It is such a dangerous thing to do and it is almost inevitable that somebody would be hurt," she said.

Justice Atkinson asked Mr Fuller if there should be legislative reform to make carrying a hammer in such circumstances an offence.

Maybe they could compromise and just register claw hammers or hammers capable of driving nails larger than three inches. After all, if it saves one life ...


Sixth Estate said...

It was almost inevitable that carrying a hammer would lead to violence? Hmm. For her sake I genuinely hope she meant to say that it was inevitable that once there was a fight the hammer would be used. That doesn't seem to be the context, though.

I have a stapler next to my computer. Do you suppose it's okay there, or just to be safe, should I the staples out and lock it in a cupboard?

Alain said...

In western society we live in a backwards and retarded age instead of a modern one. We now treat adults as toddlers. Responsible parents and adults understand the need to child-proof the environment of a toddlers in keeping things that could harm him out of his reach. It used to be that we treated adults differently by holding them, not things they use, responsible.

Anonymous said...

Never bring a can opener to a hammer fight...

Anonymous said...

Better get going on the bat registry next.