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Monday, March 21, 2011

Name that party

The Ottawa Citizen has reported on today's resignation of Senator Raymond Lavigne, who finally quit after being convicted of fraud and breach of trust. In light of the feeding frenzy going on in parliamentary committees right now over the government's alleged "contempt of Parliament", it seems odd that nowhere in the Citizen's nine paragraph story does reporter Althia Raj see fit to mention the Senator's party affiliation.

For the record, Senator Lavigne is a Liberal. He was elected as MP for the Quebec riding of Verdun-St Paul in 1993 and again in 1997 and 2000. He was appointed to the Senate by Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien in 2002 to allow former Quebec cabinet minister Liza Frulla to run in his riding for the federal Liberals.

The Citizen does report that "Lavigne, 65, has come under fire for spending $315,355 in travel expenses, on top of his $132,300 salary, despite being barred from doing any work in the Senate or its committees". This is serious unethical behaviour, and it seems to me that people might be curious about how it reflects on the Liberal Party which he represented for years in both the House and the Senate, and indeed the judgment of the Liberal Prime Minister who appointed him to the upper chamber.

The opposition parties, led by the odious Pat Martin, are worked into a lather over the Bev Oda affair and the Government's crime bill. In both cases, the Citizen didn't hesitate to identify the political party involved. Reporting on the crime bill, the Citizen mentioned not only the Conservative Party but also its leader:
The release of hundreds of pages of federal documents on Wednesday has sparked new warnings from opposition parties that they are losing confidence in Stephen Harper's minority government for not sharing enough details about the price of its agenda.

Facing accusations of contempt of Parliament, the Tory government released the thick binder of notes that reveal over $600 million in new spending estimates associated with its heavy law-and-order agenda.
On the Bev Oda issue, the Citizen reports:
Federal politicians have approved a plan to draft a report finding the minority Conservative government in contempt of Parliament, setting the stage for a confidence motion that could provoke an election.
Let's call together a parliamentary committee and put Michael Ignatieff on the hot seat. He's the leader of the Liberal Party; what did he know about l'affaire Lavigne, and when did he know it? Contempt of parliament indeed.

And while we're at it, let's get Althia Raj to testify why she doesn't think it's important that readers know that Raymond Lavigne is a Liberal.


Capndan said...

When reading any story with Political overtones, what is not said is far more important than what is in the article.

Same old, same old from the corrupt MSM.

ward said...

They even made sure to get a picture of him with an ethnic (Oda lookalike) woman to add to the confusion

Enkidu said...

The incredible thing is that the Lame Stream Media really seems to think that no-one will notice crap like that.

onefineguy said...

Fine writing.

Too bad that you don’t mention that the Senator resigned 30 minutes before the meeting where it was going to be decided that he would be fired. By resigning, he guarantees his fat pension. Had he been fired, no pension.

Anonymous said...

Lavigne was expelled from the Liberal Party.
Nice try.

Brian Multoney still hasn't been expelled by the Tories despite his corrupt activity.

Eric said...

Lavigne was expelled from the party in 2006 AFTER the shit hit the fan; he was a Liberal while it was going on. Mulroney hasn't been convicted of anything despite several attempts to do so. Lavigne has been convicted and faces a sentence of up to 15 yrs in prison.

Nice try.

Anonymous said...

He wasexpeled after he was charged, not after convicted.

Anonymous said...

Should he have been expelled before anyone knew he was a crook?

Eric said...

Not to split hairs, but Mulroney was never even charged, let alone convicted.

Aside from that, I think you've missed the point I'm trying to make; that the Ottawa Citizen reported on Lavigne's resignation without once mentioning his decades-long connection to the Liberal Party, and yet are quick to make the link to Stephen Harper and the Conservatives for much less serious transgressions. I find that unacceptable.