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Monday, October 11, 2010

David Miller: worst Toronto mayor ever?

Robert Fulford tears a strip off Toronto Mayor David Miller in a column in Saturday's National Post - The sins of David Miller. As a frequent visitor to Canada's World-class City, I share Fulford's anger at Toronto's sad decline during Miller's tenure at city hall:
Mayor David Miller of Toronto, who should be hiding his head in shame over what he has done to my beautiful city, instead had the outrageous chutzpah on Wednesday to endorse one of the candidates running to replace him. He chose his deputy, who thinks Miller has been a good mayor.

Miller probably agrees. That would make two people. Otherwise, in every department from street cleaning to budget control, from transportation to union relations, he's done a wretched job. He may be the worst Toronto mayor ever. Certainly he's the worst in several generations. His predecessor, Mel Lastman, was far from universally popular but after a couple of Miller years many of us began yearning for Mel's return.


Anonymous said...

It's embarassing how far our city has fallen since the king of climate change took over.

Filthy, broke and filled with all-knowing Liberal$.

Bruce from Cambridge said...

I remember John Sewell - he was a radical marxist - the worst mayor ever. But Miller is not far behind.

Anonymous said...

The Global warming must be a hoax because Al Gore claim the Oceans levels will rise 18 feet,this while Miller endorses more subway tunnels and the streecar depot near Cherry street.
Lake Ontario will rise and swamp the Island squatters,and the bad news that the subways and streets will be flooded endlessly and the TTC powerlines will be useless running streetcars in 2-3 feet of water.
Then comes the tough Toronto winters, the 12 feet of snow in Buffalo back in 1979 will be normal for Toronto.

But that's only of you believe Miller's original AGW rants to stop the Island Bridge but keep the Auto Race and AirShow polution for tourism dollars.