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Sunday, October 24, 2010

"The consummate Liberal"

The National Post opines on the subject of George Smitherman's mayoral bid in Toronto's upcoming election:
Mr. Smitherman is the consummate Liberal. He does what it takes to win. It's all too believable -- especially as left-wing endorsements pile up from the likes of Councillor Joe Mihevc, former mayor Art Eggleton and even Montreal MP Justin Trudeau -- that he might run from the moderate right in order to capitalize on the zeitgeist, and then simply collapse to the status quo if elected: begging Queen's Park and Ottawa for crumbs, refusing to fight the tough spending battles lest the unions revolt, content to watch the city self-righteously stagnate for another four years rather than risk losing his job.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Slitherman announced he will not add to the public service, somehow most people missed is he would not add to "un-tendered liberal consultants" -- aka gun registry, aka e-health, aka harbourfrount.

It is how they work and they realize that city councils have been taken over by the NDP.

They have lost the federal trough, they are going to lose the provincial trough a la HST, hydro rate increases, dynamiting power plants in favour of US Based more polluting power.

So the Toronto act gave them the last bastion of looting the tax payer and slitherman was sent into there to cash in.

Wake up