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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Why the Green Party can't be taken seriously

Elizabeth May has chosen former NHL hockey player Georges Laraque to be the Green Party's new deputy leader. Why? Well, he's a former hockey star, he's from Quebec and he's a vegan. Seriously - that's about it. Based on an interview in today's National Post, Mr. Laraque seems a bit of a lightweight for such an important job in a party with nationwide political ambitions.

He comments on why Ms. May chose him for the job:
It started a year and a half ago when I watched a documentary and decided to be vegan. I started going to conferences around Montreal not just about the animals, but about how we could improve our health, and about the environment. When I started doing that, the Green party approached me and asked if I would be a member. And then when [former deputy leader] Jacques Rivard left and it was open, they asked me to take his spot.
That's it, folks - he watched a documentary, became a vegan & started going to conferences about animals and the environment. Plus, his superstar hockey status gives him some street cred:
Elizabeth [May] called me and asked me. When Jacques left, they really needed somebody who can have an impact in Quebec. Obviously, I know that popularity had a big thing to do with it. We're not going to lie.
So, you'd figure that someone about to assume the important post of Deputy Leader would be familiar with the Green Party's policy platform? Well, when asked what were his three favourite Green policies, he replied:
I just got a big book about all the policies. If you ask me in a month, I'll be able to tell you. So far, the biggest policy is about promoting the environment. In the coming weeks, I will be studying and meeting and reading with Elizabeth [May] a lot more on those environmental policies to be more informed on the specific policies that they have.
Well, that's a relief - he's got a Big Book of Policies and he's going to read it soon. Fortunately, M. Laraque has no plans to run in the next election - he's pretty busy:
No. I'm not going to run, and I'm not going to set policy. I'm going to go across Canada to help all the other Green leaders to win their part. I'm going to go everywhere and be available to them.

I can't tie myself up because I have this project in Haiti that I'm working on. I'm rebuilding the Grace Children's Hospital. I work for TerraSphere now, which is a reason why I retired from the NHL. It's a vertical farming company, which is really important to me, because their green technology will be implemented all over the world to solve world hunger. I will also be promoting other green technology to help improve our environment.
This is the deputy leader of a national federal party ? It's time to stop taking the Green Party seriously.

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Anonymous said...

ontario elected a former golf pro as premier.