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Monday, July 26, 2010

An RCAF Flight Sergeant's Diary

From "My Diary of Ops" - the notebook of Flight Sergeant E. Burnett, 419 Squadron R.C.A.F.
(part of a series)

Sun July 26/42
18th trip

Took off from base with own air craft and crew at 2215 hrs. with H.E. and incendary bomb load
Target hamburg second largest city in Germany
visibility 10/10 cloud full moon. hight 16 000 ft.
were 200 mi from Eng coast when I observed a fast AIRCRAFT, believed to been a fighter pass from port to Starboard. went to unlock turret to follow the A/C around and my lock was jammed tried in vain to release it but to no avail. turned around just 50 mi from danish coast arrived back at 0230
tough luck that we had to return every one felt miserable about it. But could not be helped. We dropped our H.E. into the sea.

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