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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Electric car insanity

Peter Foster unloads on the Chevy Volt in an editorial in the Financial Post - The Voltswagen: The people's car the people pay for:
Ontario taxpayers should be grateful that the Chevy Volt is not due to appear in the province until next year. Put together a $10,000-per-car provincial subsidy with ultra high-cost solar electricity foisted on the public via feed-in tariffs and you have a level of economic insanity it would be hard to match. Indeed, perhaps the Volt should be renamed "The McGuinty" for the Canadian market. It would take the pressure off the memory of poor Edsel Ford, who gave his name to a tail-finned lemon.

GM announced this week that the Volt, as expected, would cost US$41,000, more than a loaded Cadillac. It will still lose money. GM's marketing chief, Joel Ewanick, when revealing the price, said the Volt was "starting the world on a different path." Would that be The Road to Serfdom? But let's not go over the top. The Volt will collapse under the weight of its own pointless non-viability. GM's future lies with new conventional fuel-powered models such as the Buick Regal, which by all accounts is a terrific car. The Volt is pure politics.
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Kari said...

Uh oh I smell another bailout! What a surprise. Wouldn't it be easier if we just took all that money we made for the first half of the year and just threw it in the toilet and flushed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the "progressives" will be buying one.

They want to preach to people the importance of sacrificing to save the environment but they always make sure it is with money that isn't theirs.

tao_taier said...

And how is Ontario's electric grid to support the car if it was a massive success?

With flimsy wind power of course!

In the off chance this car is bought by many here it'll sure put a drain on a grid that is poorly supported as is so expect rates to hike all the more in the coming years.

The leftover remnants of old soviet inteligence are laughing.

Who needs a weapon system like the Dead Hand when they can destory the west from within?