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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada Day in small town Ontario

The Queen is going to have to sit through a big-budget, multi-cultural, bilingual & politically correct extravaganza on Parliament Hill today, but in my little village we have a more grass-roots approach to celebrating what many people around here still call Dominion Day. There's a parade through the village which lasts all of ten minutes, followed by fireworks later tonight up at the lake. There's no government funding, no bureaucracy involved, just regular people allowing themselves a brief expression of reserved patriotism before returning to their backyard barbecues to grill some steaks and enjoy a few beers with friends and family.

The parade always starts with a procession of local veterans, proudly wearing their Legion uniforms. They get older and more frail every year.

There's a strong strain of nostalgia for the British Empire around here, so the parade invariably includes an appearance by one of the many local marching bagpipe bands. This year featured the North Hastings Highlanders from Bancroft:

Local businesses proudly display their wares, all decked out in red and white:

Pet owners march through town with their companions:

The Shriners are always good for some entertainment. Here they march in their fezes, for some reason displaying the flags of Mexico and the United States along with the Maple Leaf:

Of course the Shriners never appear in a parade without clowns on little motorcycles, miniature trains and weird Arab characters on camels:

Members of the village council appear in disguise:

Local church congregations affirm their patriotism and their faith:

The parade is always closed by a procession of the forces of law and order: the local fire department, the paramedics and the OPP:

Happy Canada Day and God Save the Queen.


Anonymous said...

A lovely posting. Thank God for small towns and villages and ordinary people with good common sense.

Hoarfrost said...

Thanks to Trudeau and Pearson our honourable British heritage is gradually disappearing. Some of it is best in the trash can, such as the bigoted Orangemen.

Your town no longer shows the Union Jack which is still the Canadian Flag which is required to be flown whenever our Queen is in the country. It is still the leading flag when our sovereign is here, isn't it.

Fay said...

I really enjoyed this post. I look at your pictures from Manitoba and feel connected.These community events bind Canadians more than any other.
Happy Canada Day

Derry Odell said...

I have the hugest respect for the way Canada remembers it's heritage and connections to the mother country and the monarchy. I'm american but I've been a strong supporter of Westminster democracy and the Queen. Be proud canada!