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Saturday, June 05, 2010

An RCAF Flight Sergeant's Diary

From "My Diary of Ops" - the notebook of Flight Sergeant E. Burnett, 419 Squadron R.C.A.F.
(part of a series)

Fri June 5/42
Seventh Trip

Took off from Base in own A/C and crew at 2350 hrs Target Essen. This target is indeed very tough, worse than Cologne by far and hard to find We approached wrong way, got caught in a belt of search lights at 18000 ft, and came down to within 3000 ft of ground flak was as thick as a blizzard and all heavy.
Came away from target after dropping load of incendaries by way of south western route around Cologne. On the whole it was a very shakey do. No night fighters encountered Visibility had been very good no Cloud or moon Landed at base at 0530 hrs. discovered that our A/C had received fourteen hits by flak. No one was hurt. We lost one A/C on this raid F/SGT Dutton and my very good friend P/O Peters.

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