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"Each individual should allow reason to guide his conduct, or like an animal, he will need to be led by a leash."
Diogenes of Sinope

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Thousand Flowers tapestry (15th Century) - Beaune, France (detail)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Judgment Day is coming

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is becoming a rock-star in Republican circles. He seems superficially to be an unlikely political celebrity - overweight, thick Jersey accent, sort of an anti-Obama. But just listen to him speak, like he did in this recent speech in Perth Amboy. I don't think I've ever heard a politician so ably articulate his agenda and so directly connect to his audience since the golden years of Churchill or FDR. In this address he talks extemporaneously without a teleprompter in sight and tells the people of his state that Judgment Day is coming, and they'd better roll up their sleeves and prepare for some serious blood, toil, tears and sweat; an amazing performance.

UPDATE: Influential American right-wing blog Powerline calls Christie "the most inspiring conservative leader in America today". Amen.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful man(who cares what he looks like or his speech inflections) - straight talker and commonsense politician. Everyone should be so fortunate as New Jersey to have Chris Christie as their leader in tough times. Cheers. FernStAlbert

Anonymous said...

This man is resonating on the same wavelength i am.This our time.Our generation.Its our responsibility to ensure we leave this world a better place for the future generations to come.