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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gays in the military = fascist takeover of America?

Scott Lively of the U.S. "Pro-Family Research Centre of Abiding Truth Ministries" has a vision of the future awaiting America if the federal government repeals its Don't Ask Don't Tell policy regarding gays serving openly in the military. The short version: it starts with "ogling in the showers" and ends with a violent fascist military coup. After all, it happened in ancient Sparta and Nazi Germany ... QED. Wow. I knew we were supposed to have an agenda, but I had no idea. Dr. Lively elaborates:
Masculine-oriented male homosexuality tends also to be pederastic in nature, meaning that it often involves relationships between adult men and teenage boys. The ancient Spartan army, for example, drafted young teen boys and paired them with adult homosexual soldiers. Brownshirt leaders in Germany recruited boys from the local high schools for sex. Roehm himself once briefly fled Germany for South America over a scandal involving a young male prostitute. This bodes ill for the young men who will be our future draftees.

The scenario I see unfolding if we allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military is an initial period of turmoil in which members of the services would attempt to show their opposition through the limited means available to them. This would result in a clamp-down by military authorities in an effort to force acceptance, accompanied by a sensitivity-training regimen. One or more incidents of violence against homosexuals, real or staged by the “gays” themselves, would ensure prioritization of the politically-correct policies, and justify pro-homosexual “affirmative action.”

Next would come a severe drop in enlistments and re-enlistments, triggering the reinstatement of the draft. This would in turn begin a degeneration of the moral and ethical culture of the services as those with the highest personal values would be most likely to leave, being replaced, in many cases, by men whose motivation is to share a male-dominated environment with others of similar sexual proclivities.

Whether or not a segregated service was initiated, a homosexual subculture of servicemen would form, characterized by intense internal loyalty and political ambition. Eventually, this “army within an army,” buoyed by pro-homosexual “affirmative action,” and the ability to act covertly (due to the fact that some would remain “closeted“) would come to dominate the services. What would they do with such power? The historical precedents are uniformly bad.
So THAT's how Stephen Harper's Conservative Brownshirts have stayed in power so long - it's all because of a cabal of violent homosexual pederasts in the Canadian Forces. Who knew?

(HT: Box Turtle Bulletin)


Anonymous said...

Gays and the military have had an interesting history. I'm not eager to see them dominate any political or military force. (real conservative)

Patrick Ross said...

Sigh. Lunatics...