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Monday, June 14, 2010

ABC News deploys prime beefcake to Gulf

Since Diane Sawyer took over the anchor desk of ABC World News from Charlie Gibson, there seems to be a lot of good-looking male correspondents filing stories. The Gulf oil spill is a case in point - apparently Ms Sawyer likes the crisis covered by dark & handsome men. ABC now has a platoon of rugged reporters keeping an eye on the slick; it's like a GQ photo shoot down there.

Reporting from Lousiana right from day one has been newcomer Matt Gutman, popping up wherever an oily pelican is to be found, biceps bulging and gym-toned pecs revealed under tight polo shirts:

Joining him at various times over the past month has been Good Morning America dude Chris Cuomo, feeling the pain of the suddenly unemployed shrimp fishermen. Chris also favours the tight polo shirt:

The beaches of the Mississippi delta have also been graced this month by the presence of former Canadian Jeffrey Kofman. I couldn't find a picture of him in a tight polo shirt, but here he is in city garb:

Fighting for mirror time in the ABC trailer this week is David Muir (who occasionally fills in for Sawyer on the anchor desk), and who hands down has the best hair of any man on TV. Muir prefers denim or chambray business-casual shirts and loves to leave an extra button undone:

Sawyer sent in the heavy artillery tonight; joining President Obama on Alabama's oil-fouled coast was White House correspondent and ABC News alpha male Jake Tapper. Jake shed his usual suit & tie for the Gulf uniform of polo shirt & jeans; here he is looking sexy but authoritative at his usual gig at the White House:

It seems clear that ABC is trying to attract a bigger share of the female & gay male evening news audience. Expect the "Men of ABC" calendar this December.

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Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Ok, clearly I have to start watching abc...