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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What does it take to get Ontarians mad at their government?

Puppies with ringworm, it seems. Matt Gurney of the National Post comments:
As a rule, it's hard to provoke an Ontarian. It takes a lot to get our hackles up.

The Premier is pushing through a tax hike that he only recently admitted was a tax hike.

There are natives in Ontario towns seizing property and setting up blockades without any interference from the provincial police.

A billion dollars was blown on creating electronic health records without any progress being made.

The Premier and Toronto's Mayor responded to a drug-fuelled gang war by calling for a pointless handgun ban.

The list goes on. Yet we're not complaining. What does it take to get people in Ontario angry?

Apparently, euthanizing cute animals.


Anonymous said...

Smitherman who wore a diaper for a day to better understand what it is like living as a senior in a "old folks home" has decided to live with ringworms for a month.

L said...

Come and take lessons from BCers. We hate all of our governments, mostly for good reasons.

bmaynard said...

i have a major problem identifying anyone who gives a damn about provincial politics. folks in this province are way too apathetic.

johndoe124 said...

Ontarians are doormats.

Anonymous said...

You left some things out like: raising taxes even while bringing in over 20 billion in record tax revenue which didn't seem to matter since they were too busy spending themselves to the brink! (hence all the new taxes)


Raising energy costs which they were suppose to tackle but instead only made the situation worse, first by dithering then by "investing in green tech" "like "solar and wind". Two of the most inconsistent forms of energy production known to man.

Anonymous said...

As a former "doormat" (apathetic Ontarian) who now lives in BC, I can't believe how we in B.C. have mobilized against the dreaded HST - the support for the petition against it is overwhelming.

Meanwhile, back on Ontario, residents may be outraged at the OSPCA - with good reason - I have voiced my opinion to them - but they just can't seem to get up enough gumption to give a damn about their impending date with the HST, other than griping about it at their local Timmy's.

To be honest, when you have the politics of the "Centre of the Universe" (Toronto) take precedence over everything else - i.e. native blockades, e-health records scandals, I could go on and on ad nauseum, it's no wonder that Ontarians are such an apathetic bunch when it comes to provincial politics.

Kudos though to the protesters and to MPP Frank Kless for helping the OSPCA to see the light regarding the mass euthanasia of these animals-it's time to get to the bottom of what went wrong and make the OSPCA accountable to Ontario.

Anonymous said...

I support the protesters but I wouldn't call them typical voters. Most animal lovers are more involved than you would believe in politics, I have seen this. What was learned is that protests that move fast do get results. Also there are strong ties between the OSPCA and the Ontario government which have not been explored yet. Kudos to Frank, who is a very nice man and surely will be re-elected. The lesson for conservatives is that protests do work, but for some reason we are loath to do so. (real conservative)