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"Each individual should allow reason to guide his conduct, or like an animal, he will need to be led by a leash."
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harper's real hidden agenda?

Hugh McIntyre parodies Marni McDonald's ridiculous book about the so-called threat from Canada' s religious right in this post at Full Comment: Fear-mongering & Canada's religious right.
If you think that the Conservative Party’s connection to the religious right is scary, then I have something even more frightening for you: many Conservative Party stalwarts have contacts with LIBERTARIANS!

I know, I know, this is a frightening thought. You would prefer to think that libertarians and politics would stay far away from each other. But there is a pattern, in Mr. Harper’s own inner circle, of regular contact with organizations that are affiliated with libertarianism.

For more on Marni McDonald, take a look at Charles Lewis' article in today's National Post: Wrong to judge religious right:
By now I should be used to this particular view of the world: It's one in which only bad people, fanatics and crazies disagree with Canadian values, whatever those are. It is a world of "we" versus "them." And we all know who "we" are and we certainly know "them."

It is a world in which certain views are smart and others are for rubes. It is a world in which religion has no place in public life, unless, of course, it is "moderate" religion that is never judgmental, thinks of sin as medieval and whose values are always vague and never challenging to anyone.

It is a world in which anyone who strays outside the narrow realm of proper Canadian debate is an enemy.


Want to know something about social conservatives? The Catholic Church and many evangelical Christians are opposed to abortion and gay marriage but spend a lot of time feeding the hungry and housing the homeless and lobbying for social justice. As well, the religious, some of whom are conservative, pay taxes, support schools, vote, volunteer and look after their neighbours.

They also give to charity, run shelters and give comfort to the sick..

In the view of Ms. McDonald, these activities are distractions.

Ms. McDonald has a sweet voice and Ms. Findlay has the self-assurance of a veteran broadcaster. But together, they helped present a deeply paranoid view of the world in which only one side is ever right.

The next time these two go hunting for real intolerance in this country, they should simply look at each other.


Bert said...

I'm about as conservative as they come, but yes. I give to the poor (through church groups and other ways). I've been to the Diminican Republic to help fix up a school.

Anonymous said...

Its liberals last card to be played as part of their "culture" war.Fear the religious right so you dont vote for them.Its total B.S.Im about as non religious as they come.No christian has ever done me any harm.Same can be said for most religious groups from my point of view.I know history and im not going to judge what happened in the past and blame people today about it.
So take your culture war and fight amongst yourselves you lefty hypocrites.Theres a reason the Left is divided and it isnt because of religious right.


wilson said...

Yet no ink is given to those scary religious right Liberal MPs,
who were just last month, responsible for the killing of a Liberal motion on abortion.....

The media treats this sizable group of Liberals as if they just dont exist...

Anonymous said...

As a born again Christian, want to do the right thing, and do it for the Glory of God. I'm not some fanatic that goes out of the way to
try to convert people. If anything,
I want you to come to the Lord because of who I am. People can say
on thing, and do another.
Marni McDonald's commentary seems to suggest being on the "Religious Right" is a bad thing and is a threat. It's not. I believe in Conservatives because it represents
everything that have come to believe. When you think about it, Conservatism is really about family values. What's so bad about that?

Anonymous said...

What this story proves is that the left are worried. They see the sleepy rise of people of 'conscience' and they know this threatens their plans. (real conservative)

x2para said...

the religious right are minor league in scariness when compared to the non-religious left whose evil intent is shrouded in its so called progressiveness