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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Global Warming: "the key to all mythologies"

James Delingpole explains why he "keeps banging on about Global bloody Warming":
Here’s the problem: the global economy has gone tits up. We are doomed. And nowhere is more doomed than Europe whose Monopoly-money currency is going the way of the Zimbabwe dollar and the Reichsmark, and whose constituent economies are so overburdened by sclerotic regulation and so mired in corruption, waste and the kind of institutionalised socialism which might work just about when the going’s good but definitely not now sir no sirree.

And what, pray, is the European Union’s solution to this REAL problem which has already led to riots and death in one country and which could well lead to many more in the horror years to come? Why, to impose on its already hamstrung, over-regulated, over-taxed businesses yet further arbitrary CO2 emissions reductions targets, which will make not the blindest difference to the health of the planet, but which will most certainly slow down economic recovery and make life harder and more miserable for everybody.

In Britain, David Cameron is wedded to the same suicidal policy – on the one hand brandishing £6.5 billion cuts in government spending as though this were a sign of his maturity and his commitment to reducing Britain’s deficit, while on the other remaining committed to a “low carbon” economy set to destroy what’s left of our industry and cost the taxpayer at least £18 billion (yep – almost THREE times as much as the pathetic cuts announced so far by his pathetic chancellor) a year.

Around the world, in the greatest financial crisis we have faced since the 1930s, our leaders are behaving like imbeciles. And nowhere is this imbecility more painfully manifest than in their approach to the non-existent problem they now call Climate Change.

That’s why I keep banging on about Climate Change. It is, unfortunately, the Key to all Mythologies.


bertie said...

The sad part of all this is we in Canada are going to pay their GD debts.Instead of jailing the Gores and Dions and Suzuki,s we are still keeping them on pedestals.And our school,s are the worst of the lot,because they are teaching this crap to our children.The world war veterans would not have wanted this type of world we are heading for.We cannot afford the fuel system the greenies envision,because it only works in perfect conditions,once in awhile.Ask Greece and Portugal and Spain and England and Ireland if their green-bankrupt plan is still popular with the people who are losing their homes.What a GD scam and it could lead to another world war.WHY did we not question Al Gore on his lying movie...Who were the IDIOTS who gave him an Oscar and a nobel prize.

Anonymous said...

You want to talk about global warming: I've got three inches of it in my driveway, it's still falling, and is supposed to last through tomorrow. Instead of planting a garden, I think I'll drill for oil or gas because I'm sure going to need it when the fruit-loop environmentalist shut down all the coal and gas fired generating stations.