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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The TTC is a mess

So TTC Chairman Adam Giambrone apparently doesn't like to ride the buses with the peasants. I don't blame him - the transit system of the World Class City (TM) is run-down, filthy and depressing. I spent a few days in Toronto recently and depended on the TTC to get around, and I was shocked by the squalor - it reminded me of pre-Giuliani New York.

According to the Toronto Sun, Chairman Giambrone (when he wasn't entertaining bimbos in his City Hall office) took frequent cab rides while on city business and billed the taxpayers of Toronto:
TTC chairman Adam Giambrone isn't the only one on the embattled transit commission that hopped into a taxi last year and stuck taxpayers with the bill.

A day after the Toronto Sun first reported Giambrone's 2009 office budget included more than $3,000 for operating costs that included thousands in cabs and hundreds on TTC tokens and passes, city records show all but two of the commissioners - who are all given Metropasses - also billed taxpayers for cab rides. And like Giambrone, many of the councillor cab rides including short jaunts and rides that ran directly along transit routes.

I took my camera with me while riding the subway downtown. Many of the stations are dirty and strewn with garbage, while some are literally falling apart:

I could go on, but you get the idea. In 2008, the TTC announced plans to "diversify" the design and decoration of its perfectly serviceable stations along the Bloor-Danforth line. Good grief - how about just picking up the garbage and fixing the crumbling walls of the stations that really need it? Maybe then Chairman Giambrone will be more comfortable joining the strap-hangers.


Hoarfrost said...

As a senior who grew up in Toronto "the good" I appeciated your comment that Toronto is deteriorating a la pre Guiliani New York. That is my opinion and also the opinion of my age peers.

I am unusual in that I have lived and raised my family in many other cities in Canada including Western Canada. Toronto is still a dynamic place but a succesion of leftist leaders has left them severely destitute. That is not unusual in Canada.

It seems to me that Smitherman although not as far left is likely to be another in a long line of spend free or die politicians who have no idea of meeting a budget without extra taxes.

kursk said...

It's hard to engage your many, many paramours in the back seat of an 80 passenger seat bus.

The privacy is next to nill, but the carrying capacity should fit the bill for the young Lothario.

Erick said...

This is what happens when an entity is run by unions. They only do what is necessary not what is required. If we could get the public service changed and run by the private sector it would be more efficient with less people on a municipal, provincial or federal payroll. Even with our tax dollars being used to run things we do not have a say as the unions will hold the consumers hostage until they get their way, more money for less service is their motto.est