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Monday, February 15, 2010

More momentum for all-nude Olympics

A few days ago I wrote an argument for returning the modern Olympic games to the ancient Greek tradition of having athletes compete naked. Since then I have learned that Canada's women's biathlon team, currently competing in Vancouver, has published a nude calendar to raise funds for their sport. For those of you who enjoy pictures of fit naked women tastefully posed with guns, you can order a copy here.

The tradition of nude athletes was introduced to the Olympic games in 720 BC by the Spartans:
While the origins of physical exercise regimes cannot be pinpointed, the practice of exercising in the nude had its beginnings in the seventh century BC. It is believed that the custom began in Sparta, and while various theories have been advanced, it is commonly thought that the main reason for the convention was the appreciation of the beauty of the male body. The same purpose is frequently attributed to the tradition of oiling the body, a custom so costly that it required significant public and private subsidies (the practice was the largest expense in gymnasia).
It seems the athletes themselves don't have a problem with nudity at the Olympics - it's high time the IOC caught up with them.

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