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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Thanks For Voting Liberal Day

Today is the second annual Family Day holiday in Ontario, or as I prefer to call it, Thanks For Voting Liberal Day. It has been two years since a shameless Premier McGuinty rewarded the citizens of Ontario with their own money by proclaiming a new statutory holiday to fulfill an election promise made in the 2008 election.

I'm used to being cynical about politics but the Ontario Liberals plumb the depths of political malaise. When McGuinty announced that he would give Ontarians a day off as a reward for re-electing him, I thought no politician could dish out pork so transparently. I guess I was wrong. Despite warnings that the new holiday would cost millions, a cost which would inevitably be passed on to consumers and taxpayers, McGuinty proclaimed the holiday with an Order in Council immediately after the election. Then he told us in that Sunday-school teacher tone that he uses when telling us what's good for us, that "there is nothing more valuable to families than time together."

I guess that's especially true when done at public expense.


Joe said...

Meh we here in Alberta got Family Day years ago thanks to Progressive Conservative Don Getty.

Anonymous said...

It should be Macdonald-Laurier Day across Canada. This would encourage Canadians to learn about their history.

kursk said...

Don Getty is as Conservative as Marx..not a great example..

Dan said...

Wait... the premier of Ontario, a man conservatives refer to daily as Dalton McLiar KEEPS an election promise and you're upset? Just checking.

Eric said...

Well, Dan - I agree that it is unusual for Premier McGuinty to have kept a campaign promise, but let me explain to you again why I might be "upset" that he kept this particular one, since you apparently didn't understand what I wrote in the post.

In the last election, the Ontario Liberals were so bankrupt of legitimate policies that they resorted to shameless porkbarrelling to distract the voters from their pitiful record. In my opinion it was only thanks to the Tories & their idiotic religious schools policy that the voters didn't call them on it.

Please. "Vote for us & you'll get a holiday in February"? If it was such a great idea, why didn't he create Family Day during the 4 years he had the power to do so before the election?

And "Family" Day? What a cynical ploy to scare off the opposition from opposing it. I can just hear the taunts in the legislature: "The honourable member clearly doesn't believe families are important", blah blah blah. Why not go whole hog and call it "Puppies & Kittens Day"? You like puppies and kittens, don't you Dan?

Furthermore, McGuinty loves to make laws that cost other people money, without explaining or even caring who is going to pay for it. With a stroke of a pen he added the cost of a statutory holiday to the payrolls of every business & government department in Ontario, without any concern about what that would do to the bottom line, at at time when the Ontario economy was heading off a cliff. That's what passes for Liberal economic policy in Ontario these days.

So yes, Dan - I am upset that Premier McGuinty kept an election promise. You should be too.