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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Homophobia in Africa

Two important stories appeared in today's National Post which highlight sickening persecution of homosexuals in Africa and the involvement of some American evangelical Christians.

RW Johnson writes in The battle over homophobia in Africa:
The arrest of a young Malawian male couple who had celebrated a gay marriage-- under the country's draconian anti-gay laws they face a 14-year sentence with hard labour -- together with the introduction of an Anti-Homosexuality Bill in the Ugandan parliament that increases the penalty for homosexuality from the present seven years in jail to death by hanging, have triggered a major row over differing Western and African attitudes to gay groups. Both sides in this debate accuse the other of being driven or encouraged by external sources: Gay rights campaigners angrily accuse conservative American evangelists of encouraging homophobia, while the anti-gay side insists that homosexuality is only surfacing openly in Africa because of Western encouragement. Indeed, some argue that the current African rows over homosexuality are actually just a skirmish by proxies in the American cultural wars, with both evangelicals and gay rights groups in the U.S. pouring in money and support to each side.

John Moore writes in The seeds of hatred:
Christians used to go abroad to spread the good news of the saviour. Now a trio of American Evangelicals has been caught sowing the seeds of hatred in Africa.

Read them both. Kudos to the National Post for highlighting this barbaric situation and the complicity of some in the West.

1 comment:

Larry said...

Homosexual acts, but NOT homosexuals, are still an affront to God as told through the Bible, regardless of what is PC in today's world. But that is no excuse for torture or killing and it should not be tolerated. All evangelicals I know seek to love their neighbour, gay or straight, without condemning.

Some homosexuals have opted for abstinence in order to obey God's word, but that is up to the individual.