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Friday, September 11, 2009

Penn & Teller on 9-11 conspiracy theories

Video clip from Penn & Teller's show "Bullshit" about 9-11 Truthers:
"It's important to nip this bullshit paranoid fantasy before it takes root in the national conscience and Oliver Stone makes a shitty movie about it."

(HT: Queer Conservative)


Anonymous said...

So, bottom line - which is easier to believe?

That 19 nut case suicide bombers snuck some knives onto 4 planes & killed the pilots


A president, vice president, several members of the government convinced several members of the military as well as many engineers & technicians to kill 3000 of their own countrymen just to invade a country.

And all of those conspirators were completely confident that no one would ever rat them out or talk.

And that all those conspirators used this as a means to start a war that could have been started in any number of other, less criminal ways.

These conspiracy nuts ought to be ashamed of themselves.

And it also shows how lowlife & scummy the members of the news media are that they would keep giving a soapbox to these assholes

Anonymous said...

This is the way to totally confuse a truther. Ask them, "if the Bush govt. could plan and carried out the entire 911 attack, faked up all the evidence, killed 3000 of their own people, just to start the Iraq war, then why on earth wouldn't they have carries the plan just a little tiny bit farther and PLANTED some fake WMD's in Iraq"??? Just slip some old nuclear missle warheads into an old facory or something and the invite the media in. Then they could say "see we told you so, they had weapons and were going to use them on us (with some fake paperwork laying out their attack plans)" It would have been such a simple thing do after all the complexity of the "911 coverup" and would have made them look like heros instead of war criminals. The only reasonable explanation for this is that they didn't do 911 if they are too honest to even hide some fake WMD's even if it would have made their lives a LOT easier.


Anonymous said...

Thank you anon #2 (from anon #1). I've said that to anti american assholes before. Their response? "that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard".

What they refuse to consider is the question which is easier to believe, - that the CIA, the NSA the Mossad were deviously clever enough to manufacture evidence of WMDs but then NOT CLEVER ENOUGH to actually PLANT any?


That Bush & co were telling the truth and they were doing the best they could do under the circumstances and invaded Iraq simply because they felt they couldn't afford to take any chances?