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Friday, July 17, 2009

Somebody tell Rosie O'Donnell

Interstate 75 near Detroit may be closed until Thanksgiving after a collision on Wednesday caused a gasoline tanker to explode. The resulting fire brought down part of a steel-reinforced concrete overpass onto the highway below. Will this shut up the 9-11 "fire can't melt steel" truthers? Not likely.

Here's the story from the Detroit News:

Hazel Park -- A tanker explosion Wednesday night that melted a portion of the Nine Mile bridge, left gawkers in awe and, surprisingly, produced no serious injuries has created a lasting commuting problem for drivers who typically rely on Interstate 75.

And while it is unclear how long the interstate will remain closed, it looks like it will be November before the bridge reopens, transportation officials said Thursday.


On Thursday, crews from the Posen Construction Co. used excavators mounted with jackhammers to demolish the western half of the overpass while another crew broke up the eastern overpass that crashed Wednesday night.

"We will have the western half of the bridge demolished and debris cleaned up Saturday morning. Southbound I-75 will be reopened sooner than northbound," Morosi said.

Morosi said pavement specialists will inspect the freeway to determine the best course of action: simple resurfacing or complete replacement.

Morosi said the best-case scenario is that MDOT will only have to resurface the freeway, but in the worst case it will have to reconstruct the pavement. He said it would take longer to replace the Nine Mile bridge, which had just been extensively repaired as part of a project that saw 16 overpasses repaired between Eight Mile and I-696.

"The bridge beams are probably fried," said Morosi, who witnessed the fire and described it as an inferno.

Designing and ordering the bridge beams can take up to two months, he said.

"We hope to have the bridge reopened by Thanksgiving," Morosi said.


Sean McAllister said...

Dont see any molten metal still there. Like a MONTH after the towers fell. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

Rick T said...

Steel need not melt for it to lose it's integrity, it only needs to be heated to a certain temperature for it to become mallable. This is something that any apprentice metalsmith knows.