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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

An open email to Warren Kinsella from a gay Conservative

Warren Kinsella wonders how I can sleep at night:
I was sort of wondering how you can be gay and a Conservative supporter at the same time.

I mean, not only do they deny your very existence - they think cabinet ministers should be punished for appearing in any way supportive of you, or those like you.

It's your life and all that, but I was just wondering how you sleep at night.

As I've indicated before, if the Harper Cons don't want you, we do.

Faithfully yours,


Kinsella's concern arises from this news from the website of the Campaign Life Coalition, which states:
SASKATOON, July 6, 2009 ( - The revelation of $400,000 in funding from the federal Conservatives for the recent Toronto Gay Pride parade, which is notorious for its inclusion of full frontal nudity and public sex acts by homosexuals, came as a shock to most social conservatives in the nation. According to Conservative MP Brad Trost, however, the decision to fund the event also came a shock to most of the Conservative caucus, even those inside the Prime Minister's office.

Speaking to from his riding office in Saskatoon today, the 36-year-old Conservative said, "The pro-life and the pro-family community should know and understand that the tourism funding money that went to the gay pride parade in Toronto was not government policy, was not supported by - I think it's safe to say by a large majority - of the MPs. This was a very isolated decision."

Trost also hinted that Minister Diane Ablonczy, who was responsible for the funding, lost the file as a consequence of the embarrassment to the Party. Protesting more than once that there was no "official connection," he said, however, "it should be noted that the file has been reassigned to a different Cabinet Minister since that announcement was made." He added, "The whole tourism program and funding for major tourism events is being reviewed."

Trost claimed that "almost the entire Conservative caucus" including "most of the Prime Minister's Office were taken by surprise at this announcement."

"It shouldn't be deemed to have been a change in Party policy," he said, adding, "Most of the caucus is still strongly pro-traditional marriage."

The MP attributed the move to "sloppiness."

"Canadian taxpayers, even non-social-conservative ones, don't want their tax dollars to go to events that are polarizing or events that are more political than touristic in nature," he said.

"I'm glad they're owning up to a very grave error here," said Mary Ellen Douglas, national coordinator for Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), in response to Trost's remarks. CLC had originally protested the decision to fund Gay Pride as soon as it was made public. At the time, CLC's Jeff Gunnarson had told LSN, "Given the fact that the Conservative government supports marriage as a union of one man and one woman in Section 68 iii of their Policy Declaration, I am concerned that they find it prudent to give nearly half a million dollars to a group that diametrically opposes that very section of the policy."

Mary Ellen Douglas told LSN today, "Hopefully such mistakes won't happen again, especially at a time when the economy is so bad."

First of all, the Campaign Life Coalition is not an arm of the Conservative Party of Canada. Declarations by this organization should not be interpreted as reflecting the official policy of the party or the government, even if they are supported by a back-bench Conservative MP from Saskatchewan.

Brad Trost does not necessarily represent the CPC any more than former Liberal MP and notorious homophobe Tom Wappel represented the Liberal Party or the governments of Jean Chretien or Paul Martin, in which he served as a back-bench MP for many years.

Here's Mr. Wappel in a policy paper he wrote while serving as an MP for the Toronto riding of Scarborough West on the subject of protecting gays from discrimination:
This portion of the paper makes clear the reasons for my objections to those who would force society to regard homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle and why I see this as the inevitable result of recklessly (albeit with the best of intentions) adding "sexual orientation", howsoever defined, as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act.
It further outlines my thesis that matters which deal with homosexuality are deeply moral, upon which a free vote must be permitted.

also from Wappel:
Homosexuality is statistically abnormal, it's physically abnormal and it's morally abnormal.

Just an isolated incident? How about this from former Liberal MP Roseanne Skoke, who also once ran for the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party:
Homosexuality is not natural. It is immoral and it is undermining the inherent rights and values of our Canadian families and it must not and should not be condoned.

The Liberal Party has had its share of MPs who failed the Liberal litmus test of acceptance of gays: support for gay marriage. In 2005 when the Liberal government introduced a bill in Parliament to legalize gay marriage across Canada, 32 Liberal MPs (out of 127 present) voted against the legislation. Joe Comuzzi resigned from his cabinet post rather than obey a direct order from Prime Minister Martin to all of his ministers to vote for the bill, saying at the time "I promised faithfully to the people of Thunder Bay-Superior North that I would defend the traditional definition of marriage". Liberal MP Pat O'Brien quit the party rather than vote to support gay marriage.

OK, maybe a few rogue Liberal back-benchers didn't get the memo and went off-message. Surely someone who had served in the Cabinet in jobs with important national responsibilities would support the party line? Here's Liberal Joe Volpe, who served under two Liberal Prime Ministers as the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, and was the senior minister responsible for Ontario and Toronto:
... marriage cannot be treated like any other invention or program of government. Marriage serves as the basis for social organization; it is not a consequence of it. Marriage signifies a particular relationship among the many unions that individuals freely enter; it's the one between a man and a woman that has two obvious goals: mutual support and procreation of children (barring a medical anomaly or will). No other type of relationship, by definition, can fulfill both goals without the direct or indirect involvement of a third party....for most MPs, marriage remains the cornerstone of society, not some government response to the most recent lobby.

Yes, there are social conservatives in the CPC who don't support acceptance of the homosexual "lifestyle" and are opposed to gay marriage. There are Liberals who share the same views - does that fact make it impossible for gays and lesbians to be Liberals? Furthermore, the CPC is a political entity independent of the Government of Canada. The CLC's article, which states "Given the fact that the Conservative government supports marriage as a union of one man and one woman in Section 68 iii of their Policy Declaration ..." is misleading. This policy was a plank in the election platform of the Conservative Party - the Government of Canada's policies support no such thing. Prime Minister Harper held a free vote in the House of Commons regarding gay marriage - a majority of MPs (including many Conservatives) voted not to reopen the issue, and I take Harper's word for it that the issue is now closed. I'm sure if I had the time I could wade through Jean Chretien's Red Book and pull out policies that might be embarassing to Liberals too (abolish the GST, anyone?)

The Campaign Life Coalition's website is confusing two separate issues: taxpayer support for Toronto's Gay Pride parade and gay marriage. The Gay Pride issue is a separate thing, and I have to admit that I have a few problems with public nudity at something that was advertised as a family event - that doesn't make me homophobic. If an event is publicly funded, participants shouldn't be surprised if it attracts scrutiny if laws are broken. Gay Pride should be treated exactly the same as Caribana, and I'd wager that the government would have a few things to say if people were strolling down Lakeshore Blvd stark naked wearing cock rings and waving dildos during that event. Would that make Conservatives intolerant of Caribbean immigrants?

I'm the first person to admit that the Conservative Party of Canada isn't a perfect fit for gays, but my support for a party doesn't depend solely on the issues of gay marriage and whether the leader marches down Church Street in the Gay Pride Parade. There is a host of political, economic and foreign policy issues that I'm more concerned about that would make me rather crawl on broken glass than vote Liberal. I sleep fine at night - thanks for asking, Warren. How do YOU sleep at night?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Oh boy, Eric. This was beautiful. Well done.

I am in awe.

JDot said...

Well said Eric.

Pongo said...

Well said.

Ted Betts said...

No doubt there are many Tom Wappel's in the Liberal Party.

Did any of them have the kind of clout that Jason Kenney or other social conservatives have? Even the leader of your party himself has said point blank that you should not be allowed to marry the person you love.

But more to this particular point, did the Liberal Party care enough about the opinion of some social conservatives to demote a cabinet minister like Harper has just done?

Eric said...


It's still not clear that Diane Ablonczy has been demoted, and if so that it was a result of Pride funding.

Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

We are talking about a backbench MP openly stating that a cabinet minister was demoted for funding a gay pride parade. This is not the same as a former Liberal MP being against same-sex marriage.

Ted Betts said...


With all due respect, it is crystal clear that she has been. She is still minister but she is no longer in charge of the Conservative sponsorship fund. That has been handed over to Tony Clement. Her name and her ministry have been removed from the website and from press release announcements. Direct inquiries about sponsorship funds to her ministry are being re-directed to Industry. That is all on top of Trost actually telling us.

Look, I don't for a second think that any individual of any sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, etc. should be defined by that identity, solely or primarily, in all other views.

But we are seeing here something we have not seen from the PMO before now. The anti-gay anti-equal marriage social conservatives are flexing their muscles and Harper has responded. It should be very concerning to us all.

If you are a gay conservative, that should not be a reason to abandon conservativism, or even to abandon the Conservative Party, but it should give you some reason not to be actively defending Harper on this issue. It's OK to say he is wrong and still be a loyal supporter.

JDot said...

Ted what a load of BS you are shoveling...

From 2 and half liberal sources..

"From David Akin’s twitter feed.

davidakinDespite what Brad Trost says, Ablonczy still tourism minister, says spokesman for Indu Min Tony Clement.

Susan Delacourt confirms."

Diane Ablonczy is only moving up in cabinet. Deal with it..

Roy Eappen said...

How silly. Diane Ablonczy is very close to the Harpers. She introduced Mr Harper to Laureen.

Anonymous said...

Ted said the file was taken away from her not the cabinet position. It will be interesting to hear the response from the PMO when a bachbench MP openly states a cabinet minister has been demoted.

Ted Betts said...


What are you talking about? It wasn't me saying the Conservative sponsorship fund was taken away from her. It was a Conservative MP. AND I provided clear evidence that would support that. All those journalists are confirming is that she is still the minister.

Obviously she is still the minister. No one is questioning that. Harper wouldn't want to be seen kicking her out of cabinet over something like this. But he will and did punish her for it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well now, Graham Richardson is contradicting Delacourt on CTV.

Whatever. Eric still rocks. :)

Michael said...

Let's see....keeping your title, but having a high profile responsibility taken away from you....

Yep, that's what I call a demotion. If it walks like a duck...

Skinny Dipper said...

Diane Abloncy's mistake was that she approved money for Toronto.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think the bottom line is that this is an issue of good taste vs. bad taste; not homophobia.

Perhaps the rules need to be looked at for what qualifies under the Marquee Tourism Events Program.

I don't think you'd have to poll many Canadians to find that they don't want their tax dollars going towards events that contain full frontal nudity and simulated sex acts no matter what the event.

Eric, please feel free to correct me if you feel I'm way off base here.

Eric said...

Joanne: I think you're right. I don't think anyone would be arguing about this if participants marched in nothing but leather jockstraps in the Santa Claus Parade, which - like Pride this year - is advertised as a family event. If Gay Pride participants want to be treated like any other public event in Toronto, they have to accept the responsibilities that go with that - either that or forgo the public funding and stage it at a private venue. Holding that opinion is not homophobia.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

...if participants marched in nothing but leather jockstraps in the Santa Claus Parade...

Might be a tad chilly though. ;)

Anonymous said...

Liberal arrogance knows no limits, to this very day Warren Kinsella is convinced that the mere fact that Michael Ignatieff, on Kinsella's own advice, plugged his nose and marched in Gay Pride Parade was such a big sacrifice by LPC on the altar of sexual diversity that now all gays in Canada should fall flat on their faces and follow Ignatieff blindly no matter what he does and where he leads them.

If Liberals want gays so much among their own ranks as Kinsella claims that they do, why than Michael Ignatieff did not bring his wife to the Parade with him??
Where were all the other Liberal MPs during Toronto Gay Parade??

Jack Layton showed up with his wife Olivia and he did not make any bones about it, so what is it that Liberals have to offer to the gay community that makes them a better choice than NDP??

Ted Betts said...

What Liberal MP was NOT there? I saw Bennett, Rae, Dryden, Ignatieff, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ted Betts said...
What Liberal MP was NOT there? I saw Bennett, Rae, Dryden, Ignatieff, etc.
Ted when you saw Bob Rae marching in the Parade was he walking naked??
The reason I ask is that he made some promises in 2008 and he sill did not deliver on them.
Bringing sexy back to the Parliamentary Press Gallery, Dale Smith gives you what you need to know about what's going on in politics.

Thursday, November 27, 2008
Where have all the gay MPs gone?
Last evening, I was invited to a Wonderful Wednesday being hosted by the fledgling Fierté Liberal Pride network (whom you'll be hearing more about in the near future). And it while a fun time was had by all, none of the gay MPs showed up.

That's not to say that there wasn't a good turnout. Early in the evening, a bunch of MPs showed up, including Carolyn Bennett, Siobhan Coady, Anita Neville, and Mike Savage. Rounding out the first wave were Senator Art Eggleton, and former MPs Don Boudria and Sheila Copps. Hedy Fry's assistant made her apologies, saying that Hedy had House Duty and was thus in the Commons and unable to attend. But where were Scott Brison, Mario Silva or Rob Oliphant? I couldn't a clear answer to those questions.

Bob Rae turned up, and while talking to me, has promised Xtra a full-frontal centrefold spread - to complement his now infamous Rick Mercer exploit. I didn't even have to ask - he volunteered! Rae talked about how much he's learned from his Toronto Centre constituents, and on a more serious note, he's looking forward to sitting down with me in the near future to talk about GLBT issues in the context of his bid for party leadership. I'm going to hold him to that promise.

When the president of Fierté Liberal Pride, Bryn Hendricks, took the microphone to thank everyone for showing up, he spoke about the importance for Liberals to reclaim the GLBT vote, pointing out that in the 2004 election, lesbians disproportionately voted NDP. When he passed the microphone to Sheila Copps (whose birthday it happens to be today, so here's a shout out to you), she spoke about how the Liberals not highlighting their accomplishments when it comes to GLBT issues, they're not doing themselves any favours. Copps was also instrumental in helping Hendricks get the organisation off its feet, and they are now looking to set up chapters in every riding across the country.

While most of the MPs took off early for other engagements (a full social calendar has been compressed into four weeks, and there is a fall economic update tomorrow that rumour has it could spell doom for the Liberal party), a few turned up later in the evening, including Martha Hall Findlay and Gerard Kennedy. But if there was one image that stuck with me as I left, it was that the characterisation of a "velvet mafia" operating on the Hill with all those gay and lesbian staffers can't be too far from the truth.

(Oh, and Suite 34, the venue for the evening's festivities - a big thumbs down for running out of red wine. Seriously? You may have had hot boys behind the bar, but your shocking lapse in judgement when it comes to stocking your bar leaves much to be desired).

Anonymous said...

Joanne, what are you even talking about? The Minister was so impressed with the proposal by the gay pride organizers that she wanted to deliver the funding to them personally. This funding being endorsed by the government.

Eric said...

David Akin reports at the National Post that Diane Ablonczy has indeed been relieved of the Marquee Tourism Events Program file - I stand corrected. It's still not 100% clear that Pride funding was the reason, though - if so, I'm the first person to admit that it's a bonehead move by the PM.

Plus, further evidence that not every Conservative is a so-con opposed to Gay Pride funding:

Eric said...

Yet another Conservative is feeling the love:
We conservatives are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters just like the members of the other party/parties. We have all learnt to love and learn from family members and friends who are gay themselves. One cannot stop loving someone just because they are gay. All conservatives know that. I refuse to believe that there are still "conservatives that matter" who think otherwise. If there are, then shame on them. Here's hoping that their son, or daughter, or brother or sister or even one of their parents turn out to be gay. That will teach them a lesson, just like it did Cheney whose daughter is gay.

The "bogey man" that Liberals make us to be is just that, a scary tale use by conniving parents to control their kids. Go check in your closets - do you see a bogey man there? If you do, you need help and not the kind that Mr.Kinsella provides.

This conservative woman for one loves gays. Come, stay with us on the Conservative side

Ted Betts said...

"I refuse to believe that there are still "conservatives that matter" who think otherwise."

"The "bogey man" that Liberals make us to be is just that, a scary tale use by conniving parents to control their kids"

With all due respect, the anti-gay conservative is not a creation of liberal spin-masters. You can refuse to recognize a real and problematic reality, but that does not make it go away.

There are most assuredly lots of progressive conservatives and Progressive Conservatives who now vote Conservative. And there most assuredly are lots of Liberals and Dippers who think homosexuality is an abomination.

But please don't just pretend that social conservatives don't exist. Not only do they very definitely exist but they are considered - or try to have themselves considered and referred to - as "the base".

They won't change just because you ignore them. And clearly from the Ablonczy fiasco, they have quite a bit of clout in the PMO and the party.

Brian said...

There seems to be poor communication as to the reasons for removing the file from Ablonczy. Possibly this was not a desired expediture but simply indicate that this shouldn't be repeated next year. As a person in Calgary SW, it is not acceptable to "penalize" Ablonczy in any way for this issue. Very poor optics on this one!

Eric said...


Nobody's claiming (or pretending) that anti-gay so-cons don't exist in the CPC - in fact I made that point in my post. Just a reminder to Liberals who tar us all with the same brush and wonder how we can belong to a party that contains such troglodytes - well, glass houses, stones, etc.

Ted Betts said...

"Nobody's claiming (or pretending) that anti-gay so-cons don't exist in the CPC."

Sorry, Eric, but that is pretty close to exactly what Dodo is saying in the extract you provided.

Don't get me wrong. I would love to see so many gay men and women in the Conservative Party that you blow those social conservatives back into the Christian Heritage Party where Harper actively sought them out. That would provide us with the kind of debate between the parties on economic issues that much better for Canadians.

And I hope my comments in your blog are seen as being supportive of gay conservatives while merely pointing out that the party is led by a Prime Minister and clearly strongly influenced by a segment of the Canadian population that thinks gay men and women are not just wrong but unnatural. It is not just about Pride Week and it is not just about views on equal marriage.

Eric said...

Former Conservative MP (and cabinet minister) Monte Solberg comments:

I don't know all of the facts on the Gay Pride Parade issue but it's clear that my friend Diane has been treated very unfairly.

The truth is that, for better or worse, the Conservative Government has provided grants for this kind of thing in the past. It was the Liberals who initiated them but it was Conservative Ministers who attended and bragged about the government's support for the Gay Games. That's because half the conservative caucus has a libertarian bent and the other half comes from the more conservative side.

So you can either scrap all grants for all parades, or you can fund the thing like you always have and devote your efforts to fixing the three or four other things that really do make a difference, none of which involves parades, costumes and nudity.

My ideal is to let everyone raise their own money to hold their parades and the police can be there to make sure that most of the people, keep on most of their clothes most of the time. That's never been a problem at the Rodeo Day parade in my town but then again it's usually cold in Alberta at the beginning of June.

Whatever. The bottomline is that after all the years Diane has contributed to building the conservative movement in Canada she deserves better then to be ratted out by a colleague on an issue that is a complete loser for the party.

Eric said...

And this from CTV News:

The director of one of Canada's premier gay and lesbian festivals sprang to the defence of the Conservative government Wednesday, saying she has received even more stable support since the Tories took power.

Suzanne Girard, director of Montreal's Divers-Cite artistic festival, blamed right-wing fringe elements for unfairly trying to embarrass the Conservatives and cause problems for events like hers.

Tory MP Brad Trost recently told a website promoting socially conservative values that "almost the entire Conservative caucus" and the Prime Minister's Office were caught off guard when Toronto's gay pride week received $400,000 in funding over two years under a new program for major tourism events.

He suggested that junior tourism minister Diane Ablonczy had been stripped of the funding envelope because of the grant. The government denies that.

Another member of the Conservative caucus said under condition of anonymity that Trost and four other MPs who criticized the grant at a weekly meeting last month were barely acknowledged.

Girard says she has received money from the federal government's Economic Development Corp. for the last decade. And this year the Conservative government committed to two years of funding -- providing her with more budget stability.

She has also received minor funding from Canadian Heritage for the 17-year-old festival that features gay musicians, dancers and theatrical performers. Divers-Cite brings in $10 million in tourism dollars.

"Personally as an organization, we have been treated very fairly and on an even footing with everybody else," Girard said in an interview.

"We've had to work hard, but like everybody else. We live in a great country in that we can do this, even if it is a Conservative government."

Anonymous said...

"...a segment of the Canadian population that thinks gay men and women are not just wrong but unnatural. ..."

Something to think of: let us assume that gay people are natural and right. How the world will look like in 5 (or just 1-2?) generations if the WHOLE WORLD will take it right and natural and make it their natural lifestyle. Would there be anyone left on Earth to put down on paper the result of this?

PS I wonder if the moderator will accept to post this comment. Probably not.

Eric said...


In case you hadn't noticed, almost all homosexuals are born to STRAIGHT parents, and despite thousands of years of attempts to eradicate homosexuality from society, there have always been gays, even in the most repressive and intolerant societies. So, good luck trying to return to the good old days.

Anonymous said...

This really takes the cake;
Dalton McGuinty waded into Gay Pride Parade controversy claiming that Ontario Liberals “pride” themselves in supporting Gay Pride Parade, see:
"McGuinty proud to invest in Pride"

This is the same Dalton McGuinty who refused to attend at George Smitherman's same sex marriage ceremony. This is the same Dalton McGunity who sent George Smitherman to screw David Miller on a Toronto streetcar deal, that caused Miller to try to rip off garbage collectors and caused garbage collectors strike that almost killed Toronto Pride Parade.
This is the same Dalton McGuinty who forced Toronto City council to vote for the greatest unfunded capital expenditure in Toronto's history. This is the same Dalton McGuinty who downloaded streetcar purchase on Toronto taxpayers.

This $300,000.00 that province donated to Pride Parade does not even compare to 300 million dollars that McGuity shortchaned city of Toronto. Toronto gay community will pay thru their noses in property taxes for McGunty's and Ontario Liberal's frienship.

Ted Betts, if you like a lip service and if you rather have someone lie to you and tell you that he is your best friend while he is screwing you, than I gusess Liberals are your best choice.

Eric said...

Ted at Edward Michael George wonders how Warren Kinsella can "be a Roman Catholic and a gay supporter at the same time".

Joe said...

Warren K is a very cunning man.

Of course I subscribe to the maxim that cunning is a fool's substitute for wisdom.

Wobbly Warren is trying to get Big Gay to stop trying to dumping Iggy as witnessed by Rubygate in the Star.

Iggy and Big Gay do not have a 'comfortable' relationship.

Anonymous said...

I know many gay men and women in Toronto and elsewhere (as I am also gay) who not longer go to the Pride parade for the simply reason that they find it embarrassing. For many it does not represent the way that many gay men and women want to be represented - as committed and responsible citizens who have businesses, extended families, political views (of all types) - they refuse to be defined only by their sexual activities and do not appreciate that 'official gays' have hijacked the parade in order to throw in the face of small c conservatives

Anonymous said...

As someone who counts numerous NDP supporters (and "working man" Liberals as well) among his friends and family, I can more than a dozen homophobes I know who have NEVER voted further right than Liberal. Ever.

Those smug NDPs and Liberals who try to smear the large majority of the right-wing that isn't homophobic by selectively quoting the small minority that is should admit that the average "hard hat" union member is about as enlightened about gay rights as your average stereotypical preacher from the Bible belt. I.e., not at all.

But I guess all those union dues going to support Layton, et. al. are too good to pass up...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

That Edward Michael George post was a zinger!

Anonymous said...

Er, instead of "...can more than a dozen homophobes..." make that "...can name more than a dozen homophobes...".

Although caning them might be kinda fun too...

MB said...

Blah, blah, blah, gay marriage, anti-gay, blah, blah, blah.

I am tired of people throwing around the word homophobe.

I am against gay marriage and think homosexuality is wrong and unnatural.

So what?

There are a lot of things I think that other people do that are wrong.

Like getting heavily in debt. Wasting money on a new car when you can get a used one for a much better price, people who eat too much and become very overweight, etc.

So what? Just because I don't agree with the way someone lives their life doesn't make me a _phobe.

Lots of people probably don't agree with my life choices. Disagreeing and not supporting is not the same as hate.

If you are gay, good for you. Personally, I don't really care. However, don't expect me to pay taxes for it. I don't expect you to pay for my choices.

Also, all citizens should be expected to respect the same laws. If it is illegal to parade down the street naked today, why is it ok during Gay Pride week.

As an aside, can someone explain to me what tying a pink feather around your genitals has to do with being gay?

L said...

Fantastic letter! People who support the CPC have a range of views on social issues, and stereotyping is what Kinsella is doing.

Anonymous said...

i don't care about your sexual preferences. just don't try to tell me it's normal.;

zeppo said...

I think that there is an error in the article. Paul Martin was prime minister when the bill was passed, not Jean Chretien. JC tried to get the courts to do the work whereas PM went the way of democracy and had a vote.

Eric said...

Zeppo - thanks for spotting the error. This is from Wikipedia:

The Civil Marriage Act was introduced by Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberal government in the Canadian House of Commons on February 1, 2005 as Bill C-38. It was passed by the House of Commons on June 28, 2005, by the Senate on July 19, 2005, and it received Royal Assent the following day. On December 7, 2006, the House of Commons effectively reaffirmed the legislation by a vote of 175 to 123, defeating a Conservative government motion to examine the matter again. This was the third vote supporting same-sex marriage taken by three Parliaments under three Prime Ministers in three different years.
I've corrected the main post.

And to anonymous who said "i don't care about your sexual preferences. just don't try to tell me it's normal." - No one is saying homosexuality is normal - for heterosexuals. As far as homosexuals are concerned, heterosexuality is abnormal.