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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Suzuki Youth on guard for Earth Hour

In this year's post urging everyone to fight Global Warming Alarmism by turning lights ON during Earth Hour, I wrote:
School children will be spying on their parents, shaming them into turning off the lights and reporting back to their teachers.... Isn't this a little creepy?

Well, from my lips to David Suzuki's ears - here's a press release from Eastern Ontario's Hastings-Prince Edward District School Board detailing how its impressionable youngsters supported the party line: HPEDSB schools celebrated Earth Hour. This is the creepy part:
Prince Charles Public School in Belleville asked all the EarthCARE reps to read a statement about the Earth Hour to each of their classes. When classmates were asked to promise to talk to their parents, more than 93 pledges were received immediately. Teachers were asked to practise for a few minutes in the classes on Friday to live without electricity. Students also read announcements for two days to remind the students about Earth Hour.

All they need are green shirts and a daily pledge of allegiance to Al Gore to complete the picture.


Anonymous said...

... and on the Kawartha Pine Ridge site, students and staff are asked to 'share' what they did during Earth Hour. I'd have liked to have told them what I did but as a KPR employee I actually fear for my job - or being castigated by my school board.

Philanthropist said...

Has anybody mentioned to the little darlings that their X boxes, microwave treats and televisions run on electricity? The fascists in charge of school boards probably wouldn't want to point that out to them, the slowest common denominator might not understand it anyhow and feel hurt.

Fascism in the classroom works, a recent poll found that half the people believe in capitalism and a full 20% believe socialism is better despite the fact socialism has been an abysmal failure everywhere it has been tried. People can't get that dumb on their own.