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"Each individual should allow reason to guide his conduct, or like an animal, he will need to be led by a leash."
Diogenes of Sinope

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gay & Republican

Alex Knepper writes over at Independent Gay Forum:

I am a gay Republican. I am not "self-hating." I am not confused.

I am comfortable enough with my sexuality to think of myself in terms of traits other than simply my sexual orientation. I believe that my attraction to the same sex should have no bearing to my thoughts on tax policy, trade, foreign affairs or abortion. I believe that my sexuality is merely an incidental part of my life and should not be a major factor in my decision-making.


I believe that the virtues of classical liberalism — individualism, self-reliance and a rejection of cultural relativism — help gay men, just as they do all of mankind and are better exemplified by the Republican Party than by the Democratic Party. I am furthermore woefully confused by gay men's ambivalence toward radical Islam, which holds them in a particularly low esteem.


I have been discriminated against more by Democrats than by Republicans. I have been shunned and mocked by Democrats, many of whom will not accept me as a gay man unless I fit into their neatly packaged view of what a gay man is "supposed" to be. I have yet to encounter, on the other hand, a Republican who has rejected my presence in the party, shunned me on a personal level or refused to engage me on the issues.


I am not Alex Knepper, the gay man. I am Alex Knepper, a man who just so happens to be gay. I believe that my chosen virtues and the actions that I take, not my unchosen sexual orientation, defines me as a person. I am a man who chooses to think for himself and shape his life on his own terms.

I don't think that makes me so radical.


C_Miner said...

This is exactly why I think conservatism will grow: because it's classical liberalism. Saying that someone must vote a certain way because of skin colour, sex, or sexual persuasion demeans that individual: it says that they can have no independent thought, but must instead rely on groupthink as though there is a single shared brain between the entire group.

My all-time favorite movie scene is from Monty Python's "Life of Brian"
[Brian] "You are all different."
[masses, in perfect cadence] "Yes, we are all different."
[Brian] "You are all individuals."
[masses] "Yes, we are all individuals."
[one hand goes up in the crowd] "I'm not!"

Anonymous said...

Of course they don't like you, you've de-politicized you're sexual orientation,hence removing a huge tool from their arsenal. Keep up the good work!