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Saturday, January 10, 2009

This time they've gone too far ...

Terrorists target Amy Winehouse:
According to published reports, singer Amy Winehouse and British music producer Mark Ronson are among the celebrities marked for death on a 'terror target' list.

The list, allegedly made in response to the Israeli invasion of Gaza, is a catalog of Jewish targets. It has been posted on a militant website.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice how the U.S. most wanted list is made up of the leaders and fighters in the various terrorist organizations, while Hammas, Hezb'Allah, and the rest of these vermin always have non-combatants, writers, teachers, etc. on their hit list. It is indicative of their whole gutless, slimy philosophy...they're great at attacking those who are basically civilians and fairly easy targets.

Mutton Chops said...

I hope you are kidding. THIS time they've gone too far? Fly two planes into buildings and we'll let it slide but threaten Amy Whinehouse and you've crossed the line???

Eric said...

Jeez buddy - lighten up. Don't you recognize irony when you see it?