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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A "dumb gay American's" conversion

Charles Winecoff, a gay writer & journalist writes at Big Hollywood about coming out as a conservative in a powerful article, The Awakening of a Dumb (Gay) American. An excerpt:
Bottom line: I have had to work very, very hard my whole life to accept myself as a gay man, and to be able to introduce myself freely as such and be proud of my relationship. No one did that for me. But a big plus was living in this crazy, over-the-top country that has changed so much just in my lifetime – and done such an incredible about-face after eight years of an unpopular President. What other country on earth is that flexible? What other country is that trusting?

Now, however, I often feel as if I’ve been shoved right back into the closet by the very people who go around espousing diversity and equal rights and compassion – fellow gay people and “sophisticated” urban friends who in fact can’t tolerate an idea that’s not out of the playbook. When a Muslim leader in Nigeria – or even scarier, in Canada – declares that gay people should be killed and their heads cut off, I’m sorry, but that offends me. And it also worries me because we have all seen these believers act on their hate.

Meanwhile, the affluent gay community in LA never makes a peep about hate speech if it comes from non-caucasians with funny Arabic names. The buff, mostly-white queers just continue doing what they do best: identify as victims and pretend it’s 1977 – protesting the harmless Mormon church, which never fights back, and boycotting campy Mexican restaurants to put other tax-paying minorities (including some gays) out of work. Meanwhile, a threat much bigger than Prop. 8 is growing fast.

My point is: I don’t think American gays fully comprehend that in many countries, such as Iran, gay people really don’t have any rights – not even to live. Just last September, a brave, 27-year-old student and gay rights activist, who helped organize safe houses for gay men in Baghdad and coordinated the Iraqi LGBT group, was gunned down at point blank range by Islamic militants – not by Christians or US soldiers. But by literal neo-Nazis.


Peter Milot said...

It's always struck me as somewhat strange that the LGBT community seeks protection for their rights from socialists. marxists and the like.
Any observer of history knows that gays, minorities and the infirm have suffered greatly under extremist regimes.
The political left prefer to wallow in victimhood rhetoric and make common cause with islamists and other extremists who would ultimately deny them their rights, dragging along the LGBT community with it.
The political right is their only true defender.
Republicans, Liberterians, Conservatives and the like may appear unemotional and uncomfortable protecting gay rights, but defend them they do.

Philanthropist said...

Where do gay Arabs seek refuge? Israel.

What is it that these gay morons in North America do not understand? Go to these countries and they will kill you! Just because you're gay. Yet some gays will march with Hamas supporters? Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is how nature purges the defective gene-pool yahoos who just don't have that Survival-gene IQ level.
My grandMother had a great life and was really sharp about life, and as a boy I never understood what she meant when she comment about some of the self-professed Nabobs' and Elites in canada as " Educated Fools" .

But as I got older I saw the difference with having the Money to make School a career while merely eking by the exams to get a Diploma for absorbing over 50% of what the Profs' taught ,and the people who saw Lifes issues and Knew exactly why they happened and how to fix the broken issues that no one else had answers for.

High School taught me that the correct answers in the Classrooms was the one the Teachers wanted to hear which made my life much easier after going along with this charade.

Example 1.

Toronto's David Miller became Mayor with his promise to spend $30 Million dolars of OUR taxes to NOT build a $20 milion dollar bridge to the Island Airport.

Example 2.

Politicians rushed into using a Blue-Box recycling program that now costs more and creates more pollution than the old method with glass bottles returned for refills.

Example 3.

An Ontario Judge/Ontario Premier/ and Ontario Mayor all agreed that it was healthy for little boys to see Naked maled flaunt their penis to them while on a Parade route to show pride for a sexual preference , because the males had shoes on and weren't really completely naked so it didn't break the laws for Child abuse or Quasi-pedophilia in Public.

All of these people were either Lawyers or University Educated and have Diplomas to show how smart they are.

This explains why Miller allows the Pro-Hamas rallies in Toronto and allows Hezballah flags as we also see Gay flags to endorse Hamas killing gays on the streets in Gaza or Hezballah killing gays in Lebanon.

I actually have sympathy for gays because back when they joined the Pro-Choice marches to give canada NO Abortion Laws , I saw that it will be too late one day in the future when Science and Biology decode the DNA-as they have done today to Abort the Handicap and Down-Syndrome Humans a well as gender-cide Abortions to kill females- and ID the sexual-preference Chain in the DNA to stop gays from every being born.

Even a stupid person like me knew that if canada had no Abortion Laws it could one day get Hijacked by the Goverment and Insurance Companies to use the Social-Burden angle to stop me from passing on my gene that may not meet the standards.

Before you Judge me, please rent the 1997 DVD movie called
GATTACA with Alan Arkin,Uma Thurman,Jude Law,Gore Vidal,and Ethan Hawke.
It deals with Society wanting to create the perfect baby and future Adults with the least number of defects to get the Good jobs and find mates with similar life spans.
The tragedy was the item in most homes where people cremated themselves as a favour to the masses when them lose value.