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"Each individual should allow reason to guide his conduct, or like an animal, he will need to be led by a leash."
Diogenes of Sinope

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Gay marriage & social conservatism

From a comment to a post at Hot Air about the Republican party & its stance on adoption by gay couples:
On a semi-serious note, the fundamental problem with this debate is that conservatives have forgotten the reason they support traditionalism.

They see the trees but miss the forest. Sure, they remember to prattle on endlessly about gays and the media and abortion and sex on television … but somewhere along the line, they forgot why they do it.

Here’s a clue: the foundation of social conservatism is both strong and fundamentally correct. Traditionalism is embraced not because it is right or because somebody’s God tells you to act that way … but because it WORKS.

Basic civil values, the core family unit, holding onto foundational principles, respecting tradition … we don’t do these things for no reason. We do them because they WORK as building blocks of society.

But too many conservatives forget this … so they join together as equally evil things like rampant drug use and mindless promiscuity (bad) with homosexual marriage or gays wanting to start families (bad?).

It’s the ultimate irony. On any logical basis, a stable, solid, committed, monogamous gay relationship is infinitely better than a string of broken, abusive heterosexual relationships.

Yet it is gays wanting to marry - in other words, gays wanting to embrace the core of social conservatism - that conservatives get upset about.

We have countless single heterosexual mothers and deadbeat heterosexual fathers and cracked-up burned-out waste-case parents abusing their kids (but all perfectly heterosexual!) …. and somehow we think its conservative to keep children needing parents in institutions (or in the hell of foster care) rather than let them be adopted by gay couples?

It’s madness. It’s ironically an assault on conservatism.

Someday we’ll remember the reason for social conservatism. Until then, we’ll continue to waste time on meaningless, counter-productive arguments, and continue to harm the very social values we pretend to uphold.

And as an unfortunate consequence, we’ll keep losing elections, too.

I agree - gay marriage is an issue social conservatives in Canada should be able to support for traditional conservative reasons. I posted on this at length here.

(HT: Average Gay Joe)

1 comment:

Fortitudine said...

Although I ultimately agree with the commenter's conclusion, I think it's a bad idea to take the Burkean traditionalist route to defending gay marriage. Plain and simple, it's a question of basic rights (namely, freedom of association).