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Saturday, November 15, 2008

"A new home for gay conservatives in Canada"

I am very pleased to pass on this press release from Fred Litwin. Fred is a native of Ottawa and blogs at Gay and Right. Fred's blog had a big influence on me when I came out and was struggling with the fact that many of my friends & acquaintances (especially in the "gay community") found it hypocritical for me to be both gay and a conservative. I searched a long time for a community of like-minded individuals like that of Log Cabin Republicans in the U.S. and Fred was a big help. Fred is active in the Conservative Party of Canada and announced the launch of a new organization at the Conservative Convention in Winnipeg - Gay Dominion, a website to serve as an internet meeting place for gay conservatives. If you share that space on the political spectrum, check it out and contact Fred with your support and suggestions.

Fred's press release:

Winnipeg, November 13, 2008 – Gay Dominion is a new home for gay conservatives in Canada – and allied with no political party. Contrary to public belief, gays in Canada represent a broad cross-section of opinion, and the default political position of many Canadian gays and lesbians is not liberal.

Gay Dominion stands for limited government, low taxes, free markets, the merit principle, personal responsibility, AND the equality of gays and lesbians. Gay Dominion is against rampant political correctness, myopic religious intolerance, moral and cultural relativism, anti-Americanism, and the tearing down of western civilization.

“I am delighted to launch Gay Dominion in Winnipeg at the Conservative Party Conference,” said Fred Litwin, who is also a blogging tory under the name GayandRight, “While we have no formal links with the Conservative Party of Canada, I am hopeful that we can help turn the party into a welcoming home for small ‘c’ conservative gays and lesbians.”

For more information on Gay Dominion, please visit our web site at

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JDot said...

Good post...

The more libertarians in the CPC the better...