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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hell hath no fury like a gay liberal scorned

What happens when gays have the audacity to announce that they support the Conservative Party of Canada? They get compared to black klansmen and Jewish Nazis, called "Uncle Toms" or compared to black minstrels tap-dancing for "massa". They are subjected to the most outrageous, condescending and offensive smears I can imagine.

You think I'm joking? A few days ago Fred Litwin, who blogs at Gay and Right, announced at the Conservative Convention in Winnipeg that he had started a new organization called Gay Dominion to act as a resource for gay and lesbian conservatives in Canada. I had a modest role in helping Fred get this started, and in fact suggested the name as an homage to the historical name of Canada ("the Dominion of Canada") as a way to draw attention to the fact that gay conservatives support traditional conservative values of liberty, freedom, equality, property rights, personal responsibility and respect for the rule of law. Well, some liberal bloggers have blown a gasket at the thought that some homos have wandered off the liberal plantation and are cracking the whip of gay orthodoxy.

Take Montreal Simon for example. He refers to Fred as "Uncle Fred", complete with a YouTube clip of happy tap-dancing negroes. Here's what he has to say:
I hate blogs with the word Dominion in them. They remind me of tea and crumpets, and thanks to Free Dominion, of racists, and homophobes, and other nasty crawling things.

So imagine my shock when I came across a new Canadian Con one called Gay Dominion.

Gosh is that a pink triangle in their logo or a martini glass?

Now look.... I have to admit my first reaction was to wonder whether we could HUSH it up. Shove it back in the closet. So straight people wouldn't find out that some gays support the Conservatives. Like the 27% of gay Americans who apparently voted for John McCain and the Christianist homophobe Sarah Palin.

You know the gay IDIOTS.

The ones who want the gay rabble to be like them. i.e. buttoned down, boring and BOURGEOIS. The ones who embarrass us all the time by supporting Conservative parties full of raging racists,sexists,and homophobes.

But then I realized that Gay Dominion was only the work of Uncle Fred of Gay and Right.

And he's been embarrassing us for YEARS. Whew!!!

If he's not denying global warming, he's going after the Mooslims, or blasting lefty gays for being politically correct, or joining the homophobes in the wingnut crusade against the Human Rights Commission. Or putting down the gay rabble for being too strident or flamboyant.

That's why me and my friends call him Uncle Fred. As in EVERY family has one. You know the crazy but harmless old uncle you have to watch like a hawk at a community gathering. In case he unzips himself...and starts pissing in the punch bowl. Or stirring the macaroni salad with his PENIS.

But look I don't want to be too hard on Fred. After all he IS gay, so he is part of the gay community he hates whether he likes it or not. Because the homophobes don't care whether you are left-wing or right-wing. And we accept ANYONE.


So I want to wish him and Gay Dominion all the best. I hope it serves as a flaming forum where crabby old Conservative queens can discuss their favourite subjects. Like Global Cooling ....political correctness....the monarchy....Stephen Harper's irresistible manly to mix a good martini... and of course, why can't those young faggots be as respectable and BORING as we are?

So on behalf of the gay lefty rabble I just want to say.

Now that I've seen these gays Cons in action.

I think they' TERRIFIC !!!!

And Dr Dawg, who is not gay as far as I know, blogged from the Conservative Convention about Gay Dominion, comparing Fred (who is Jewish) to "Jews and blacks who have reportedly joined the KKK":
But I may as well confess that it bothers me when I see gays, people of colour and so on attach themselves to a party whose ideological core is so antipathetic to who and what they are. Fred has launched a group called Gay Dominion, which at this point has four members. (Montreal Simon, for one, is less than kind about this initiative, and I suspect, from the other side, that some of Fred's compatriots might fuss about the notion conveyed by the title.) Pigmentation on the convention floor was scant, but it was in evidence nonetheless.

"False consciousness" comes to mind, but for a number of reasons I'm not attached to that concept. I see it simply as profound confusion. Now, the Right always pounces when we make that kind of observation--somehow they see it as imposing leftist ideological correctness upon women and minorities. Not guilty. I don't expect all human beings to be ideologically coherent. There have even been Jews and Blacks who have reportedly joined the KKK, after all. But the contradictions, at least from my perspective, seem excruciating.

I have posted on the subject of gays in the Conservative Party before (here and here if you want to read more) but I'll just leave it at this: I have never encountered from Conservatives who know I am gay the animosity and vitriol directed at me by gays who find out I'm a Conservative.

UPDATE: I get a love letter from Montreal Simon which nicely illustrates my point. Wow - that's a lot of intolerance from someone who purports to be "Against H8".

UPDATE II: Some sanity & decorum from the gay left: this from Matt Guerin at Queer Liberal:
I do want to congratulate the founders for launching this movement. I'm not one of those liberals who thinks queers can't be conservative. I've always seen great value in having queers inside the palace gates, so to speak. Once queer equality gains acceptance among the country's conservatives, that's it the battle is won (on a national scale) for queers and their allies. I know that gay conservatives, through their personal connections with fellow party members and other conservatives, do have a major influence.

So I wish gay conservatives well. We can agree to disagree on prosecuting hate speech, but I still respect them.

Thanks, Matt.


Paul M said...

Typically classless liberal losers aren't they.

Best of luck to "Gay Dominion", and kudos on the catchy name.

hunter said...

It's not about being gay, your mistake is admitting that you are a Conservative.

Welcome to the club, being Conservative is not easy. I know, as a female Conservative, I too have faced the same condemnation from the left. All women should be feminists, all gays should be liberal, or so we are told by the lefties.

Don't let their narrow minded views discourage you. Be what you are, be what makes you comfortable, not what others want you to be.

Funny how those who have fought so hard to gain acceptance, want to now put you in a box and hide you because you do not agree with their stance. Shame!

Wayne said...

Right On Hunter.

Anonymous said...

Homophobes come in all sizes, shapes, colours and political persuasions. Best to just ignore them, everybody knows at least one. Sorta like the crazy uncle!!!

Anonymous said...

And here I thought ALL liberals were gay.

Horny Toad

Roy Eappen said...

Its very sad how intolerant the left really is. I wish my friend Fred Litwin much success on Gay Dominion. Hunter is right it is the left can't tolerate the idea that people can be conservative.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

"...I have never encountered from Conservatives who know I am gay the animosity and vitriol directed at me by gays who find out I'm a Conservative. "

There's a poignant statement! Wow. Well said, Eric.

BTW, I want to make it clear that my comment at Dr. Dawg's was strictly in appreciation of his writing style - not the content.

Hello Birdy said...

I am a conservative and atheist. My conservative friends don't mind that I am atheist, but I am unable to have liberal fiends because I am conservative.

Sometimes it is not easy being who you are, but it's a lot harder being someone whom you are not.

I applaud the Gay Dominion in the brave defiance of the brutes on the left. It is they who are the most intolerant.

Intolerance = anarchy = slavery.

Fortitudine said...

Best of luck to everyone involved in Gay Dominion. I'm sure it will be a huge success.

Eric-Vancouver said...

I, myself, welcome our new gay Dominion overlords!! Ooops, inappropraite cliche. I just have to say I welcome Gay Dominion into the conservative blogosphere.

Fred has a good website too. He is a good conservative with good values.

Anonymous said...

Liberals when they were in charge bend all the rules that are on the books in order to give Canadian gays the gift that keeps on giving; Same Sex Divorce.

It was so unfair that gays and lesbians with all their incomes were making-up and breaking-up without divorce lawyers taking them thru the cleaners.

There is so much that Canadian gay community owes to Liberal Party of Canada that it is unthinkable that they could ever betray LPC.

After all socialism is such a wonderful way to spread some wealth around.

Paul Raposo said...

: I have never encountered from Conservatives who know I am gay the animosity and vitriol directed at me by gays who find out I'm a Conservative.

Truman Capote once said, "As everyone knows, a fag is a homosexual gentleman who has just left the room."

It doesn't matter what they are saying to your face, it's what they say when you're not a round that matters. And therein lies the difference between libs and cons--we tell you to your face what our problem is with you. Cons merely legislate your rights away.

But then again, being a homocon in Canada reads more like comedy, rather than tragedy.

Please enjoy all the freedoms you have; because we LGBTQ liberals enjoyed fighting for your right to have them.

Eric said...

Well, Paul - I can't vouch for your friends, but my conservative friends aren't like that, and you liberals certainly aren't shy about telling me to my face what you think of me.

The fundamentalist Christian right does not represent the entire Conservative Party any more than Tom Wappel or Roseanne Skoke represent the entire Liberal Party; for a group that is hyper-sensitive to stereotyping, you sure seem quick to engage in it yourselves.

As for the rights and freedoms that you have so graciously bestowed on me - gay rights are human rights. There are Conservatives fighting for my rights in the party and the government, just as there are homophobic Liberal and NDP MPs who voted against gay marriage. You don't have a monopoly on compassion or social conscience.

Who do you think is going to be more effective at getting the message across - intolerant critics like you who at best condescendingly patronize your opponents and at worst engage in full-on red-faced hissy fits, or gay conservatives who engage their fellow party members in respectful debate and try to lead by example?

You know, gay liberals are all about diversity, but you certainly don't allow for much diversity of thought.

Simon said...

OK OK so maybe I went a bit overboard. I'm young and sometimes I lead with my heart instead of my head. Remember? For the record I DON'T hate you. And matt's a good guy so maybe he is right. I hope so.
Good luck with your cabaret I won't bother you anymore...

P.S. will Gay Dominion include a KNITTING section? :)

Anonymous said...

great idea. let's call ALL Liberals intolerant... hmmmm that kind of seems like a familiar tactic. OH RIGHT! It's exactly what pisses you all off - blanketing ALL believers in a particular political school of thought with the same classification... kind of like when people say that all Conservatives must be boring straights. Hmmm. A little hypocrisy?