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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The BBC has an Obamagasm

The coverage of Obama's victory by the BBC has been beyond embarassing - they never hid their dislike of GW Bush much, but their coverage last night was like a schoolgirl with a crush on the captain of the football team. Take, for example, reporter Gavin Hewitt on Obama's acceptance speech:
I watched him closely as the crowd rode every word with him. Afterwards, he stood alone between two bullet-proof screens. For a second, he seemed isolated and one could glimpse the loneliness of power and the burden of expectations that cannot possibly be fulfilled. It may not get any sweeter than this moment.
Or this from Kevin Connolly:
The setting sun sliding down the glass faces of the great downtown skyscrapers marked the ebbing of the final hours.

As darkness came, the makeshift open-air stage in the middle of Grant Park became a bowl of light - the campaign which began with the poetry of hope and triumphed through the power of the internet ended at last with the blazing magic of theatre.

Laser beams fanned out into the sky across the park from the stage, forming an arch of blindingly intense light - probably the first political celebration in history that would have been visible from the Moon.

Mr Obama, who all through the campaign has enjoyed the luck to match his undoubted brilliance, was even lucky with the Chicago weather.

For heaven's sake, people - go take a cold shower.


Anonymous said...

First off, I'd like to congratulate Obama for his win. Despite having almost every advantage one can have in politics he managed to not screw it up, unlike Dion up here. That counts for something I think. But, I have to be frank here, there is no way in Hell that Obama can even hope to pay off all those immigrants, blacks and other diaspora that ran out to vote for him. He knows this of course and we know he will kowtow to the powers that be, because he already has. So other than Obama being the first black President of the USA, I have serious doubts he will be able to do much more than just slide by. Also, he is inheriting a government heavily in debt as the US is sliding into recession. All the fawning adulation can't but turn to accusations and recriminations in only a few short years. Enjoy it Obama, because I've seen how 8 years in the house has aged dubya probably 20 years. You wanted now you got it Obama. I'm wondering how long the leftist media will be blaming all of Obama's troubles on dubya anyways? (real conservative)

hunter said...

Obamagasm! Too funny, but a very apt description of the media. You should copyright the name.

Anonymous said...

The media adoration of this slick and egomaniac is nauseating.

rations said...

The past two nights on the Ceeb national news has been all OBAMA all the time. I've got Obamaphobia.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I agree with Hunter. Great title, Eric!

I find the whole thing quite nauseating. Can't find anything else on the news - not even in the Canadian media.

He is just a man after all.

Eric said...

I wish I could take credit for the phrase "obamagasm", but I stole it from somewhere (can't remember where I read it but I first saw it during the primaries). Too good to pass up, though.