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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elizabeth May sums up the Green Party

Elizabeth May in her speech last night acknowledging her defeat in Central Nova (video here) crystallized the reason why the Green Party will never be a serious force in federal politics:
"If the kids five years [and] up coulda voted, I would have won by a landslide."

I've rarely seen a politician provide such a strong case against a) proportional representation, and b) lowering the voting age. On the other hand, the Greens would siphon the toddler vote away from the Liberals, so I guess it's all good.


Anonymous said...

"If the kids five years [and] up coulda voted, I would have won by a landslide."

She's only being pragmatic. If 5 years olds can't vote, she won't have her base!

Anonymous said...

Hezb'Allah Hattie doesn't define how high the "and up" goes, but I would suggest it stops around age seven. After that age most children would have the common sense to see her for the wingnut that she is.

Erwin Gerrits said...

I suppose when they turn six, the kids realize that May's a nutcase.

Anonymous said...

If the voting age were 2, I suppose she'd be PM!

Anonymous said...

Rude,Obnoxious,thinks Canadians are stupid, speaks at Hezbollah rallies, has a pathological hatred for our P M, and of course his supporters, delusional, thinks my vote belongs to her "party". Now she would like us to donate?? After watching her rude pushy performance at the debate, fat chance. I would like to see the 1.50 per vote revisited, she is the best case I have ever seen against proportional representation
cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Five year olds came up with Green Party policy, so it only makes sense.