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Saturday, October 11, 2008

An 8 yr old explains Canadian politics

I had a conversation recently with my 8 yr old nephew, who informed me that his elementary school had recently held a mock election with students representing the Canadian federal parties. I asked him if anyone at his school voted for the Conservatives. "No one should vote for the Conservatives" he replied. "They don't care about the environment."

He told me "I didn't vote for the Green Party even though green is my favourite colour, because they had lots of green Jell-o but they wouldn't share it with anyone."

I asked him how he voted. "I voted for the NDP" he replied. "Lawrence the NDP guy had a really cool fake moustache. Plus they promised that if they were elected, everyone would get lots of candy." I wanted to ask him who was going to pay for all the "free" candy, or if his school NDP was going to force rich students to bring candy to school and distribute it to poor kids, but by this time he was off chasing the dog.

So there you have it, folks: 100% of 8 yr olds in this poll support the NDP.

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Anne in swON said...

When I retired from teaching a few years ago the curriculum was already becoming increasingly geared toward fostering environmental awareness in the students. Unfortunately it would seem that children are also being nurtured to form their political beliefs in a way that focuses on the environment and inhibits consideration of other issues which might impact an individual. Party preferences are being indoctrinated much too soon. Thank goodness your nephew is an independent thinker.