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Monday, August 18, 2008

John Bolton vs Avi Lewis

Do you ever wonder what the great Avi Lewis is up to these days? Since he famously left the CBC because he found their editorial policies too restrictive, he is now working for Al Jazeera English. In this interview on Al Jazeera's Inside USA, he goes mano a mano with former UN Ambassador John Bolton:

(part two here)

To put it mildly, Lewis comes off the worse for the exchange, and Bolton behaves graciously like a professor mildly scolding a petulant student who isn't used to not getting his way.

Lewis, of course, doesn't even pretend to be impartial and shows why he is such a good fit at Al Jazeera. Consider this long-winded question to Ambassador Bolton:
You've been very vocal as the tide of public opinion & clearly tides within the administration & the military establishment have turned against pre-emptive military action against Iran over their nuclear program. You have been standing strong & calling for regime change as the first option. Have you not learned anything from the blowback from the Iraq war to still be talking about regime change?
Bolton's response is pithy, but Lewis isn't happy that Bolton's answer doesn't fit his thesis:
So you're just in denial about blowback? You don't think that the whole disaster with the consequences for millions of lives in the region and here was a result of the initial invasion & occupation?
When Lewis suggests that the world yearns for Barack Obama to win the election and put an end to the madness (as evidenced by the response to Obama's speech in Berlin), Bolton replies:
Right now the polls still show a very close election despite the adulation of 200 000 screaming Germans.
Lewis concludes by presenting him with a copy of George Monbiot's "arrest warrant" citing Bolton for war crimes for misleading the world about Saddam Hussein's Niger uranium connection. Bolton chuckles and says:
This is a true nit that fruitcakes have been picking for a long time & I'm sorry to see you picking it now.
Watch the whole video (both parts) to see a masterful performance by Bolton and a juvenile hissy fit from Lewis.


Curls said...

Not surprising the Lewis-Landsberg-Klein socialist cartel loves to blame the west for everything while at the same time they sup at the public trough.

kursk said...

Poor Avi is such a schmuck..he is Al Jazeera's latest useful idiot, with a heavy emphasis on the idiot..

Amanda Van Der Steen said...

Ayaan Hirsi Ali/John Bolton 2; Avi Lewis 0.

Lemon said...

The Lewis Landsburg Puppy who sleeps with Naomi Klein resembles a 10th grade student bringing up "facts" and "proof" gleaned from the Polaris Institute to argue with their teacher about Che Guevara...
For Bolton a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.